Outside the window was dawn. Zhenya woke up and saw his lover getting dressed.

- Where are you going?

- I completely forgot, my shift at 6 begins.

- And I?

- Sleep, baby, still early.

Nikolay quickly left the hotel room without saying goodbye.

Zhenya felt used. No affection, no kind words. The priest ached, and the freaked out ring of the anus did not close completely. Suddenly a thought arose in my head - how to go home? In a women's dress? I brought back to the hotel, but how can I come back? Zhenya rushed to the wallet. The change from the payment for the room remained with him. Fuuu, carried by. Although how it went - it was scary to catch a car and drive with a stranger, but it was not until daylight that you had to go - while everyone was sleeping, you need to quietly get home.

Fast charges, a damn transparent dress - how can you even go outside? Zhenya tried to quietly slip
past the reception, but heels to do it is unrealistic. The sleepy administrator cast a scornful look.

- already leave?

- Yes - Zhenya squeaked.

- Goodbye, young man.

- Goodbye - said Eugene, deeply blushing.

Wait for the car was not long. Next to Zhenya, a white tinted Priora stopped. The glass went down and a gray-haired Caucasian looked at Zhenyu from the salon. Zhenya was confused - he was afraid of Caucasians and foolishly tried to pretend that he was not here.

- Are you going? - the man asked displeasedly and loudly.

Zhenya was silent, hoping that Priora would leave.

- Come on come on, brain does not fuck.

Zhenya complied. Going to the back door, he clearly heard a click. He pulled the rear door handle, but it did not open.

- Jammed! - Caucasian said cheerfully - Sit in front.

Zhenya, hesitated, sat in front. Priora abruptly rushed forward.

- Where we go?

Zhenya was frantically thinking whether to speak his address or say any address nearby, but could not remember the number of the neighboring house.

- Are you - deaf? - asked a Caucasian with a slight grin, brazenly examining his wife's dress, or rather the underwear that shone through it - So where are we going?

Eugene, trying to portray a female voice, squealed his address with a falsetto.

- Are you a kid? - asked a Caucasian in the forehead.

- Yes - Zhenya said quietly.

- Do you like to wear a dress? From a peasant that you are going or from "work"?

Zhenya was silent, not knowing what to say. The Caucasian turned red and pressed the gas with all his might. The car rushed through the empty streets at rocket speed. They drove up to Zhenya's home, but for some reason stopped on the other side of the wasteland.
Zhenya pulled out a thousand rubles and even without asking the price of the trip he gave to the driver. He took the bill and seemed to put it in a bag on his belt, but then suddenly pulled the bill back and threw it to his wife on his knees.
Zhenya was silent in horror.

- With this piece of paper go to the toilet, it is - a fake - he said viciously.

Zhenya remained silent, not knowing what to answer.

- What are you going to do? The Caucasian asked demandingly.

Zhenya convulsively thought what to do. There was no other money. Maybe at home?

- Can I go home for the money? - Eugene asked in a broken voice.

- So you fucked up and left me without money, fagot? - the Caucasian said even angrier and nervously stuck in the chair.

From these movements, Zhenya shuddered and instinctively jerked toward the door, which was immediately regarded as an attempt to escape. The driver grabbed Zhenya by the wrist and squeezed him painfully.

- I ask you again what to do? - strained Caucasian.

Zhenya began to cry, leaning his head forward. There was a rattle of lightning, a hand grabbed Zheng’s head in the back of the head and dragged it somewhere down. A smell of urine struck my nose, and from somewhere behind me came a voice: suck whore. Zhenya pressed his face into the groin, tears filled his eyes. Suck up - repeated voice - suck, bitch, and then fuck all my teeth!

Zhenya opened his mouth and a member entered it immediately. Eugene began to suck suppressing vomiting. Time stretched out and it was not clear when it would all end. Suddenly, Eugene pushed. It's all over. Zhenya was sitting in an armchair, bent over with his eyes closed. It was audible, as the Caucasian opened and shut his door. Is it all - flashed through Eugene's head - you have to run!
Suddenly the door opened from his side. Caucasian grabbed his forearm and pulled out of the chair. Then he opened the back door and pushed Zhenya on the sofa. Zhenya fell on all fours right on the sofa.

“Stop fucking don't dig. “His hands pulled up the hem of her dress and yanked down her panties. Zhenya froze in the foolish hope that he would be released now. The driver was messing with something. After a few dozen seconds, Zhenya realized that the Caucasian was wearing a condom. The head of the member rested his wife in the anus. "Wow, what's your ass." The rapist spat first on the anus and then apparently on his penis. “Relax whore, you want this,” was heard from behind. A hastily oiled penis slowly passed into the gap developed during the night. Then Zhenya felt his hairy crotch touch his shaved buttocks. Then the member began to leave, then again enter faster and faster. After 5-6 frictions, the Caucasian was already rushing with might and main in his wife's ass. He entered Zhenyu with strong shocks, so that Zhenin was a member of a full body, beating his panties lowered and stretched between his legs. A few minutes later fucking the rapist finished. Zhenya felt like a foreign member is reduced in it.

Zhenya got out of the car and staggered down on the side of the road. Sperm began to flow out of a torn ass. It turns out the condom broke.

- Well, you give - I heard someone drunk voice from the balcony.

Priora turned and abruptly left the yard. Zhenya's handbag was lying in the dust. Zhenya picked it up and slowly went home.