This is my first time in this field, so, dear audience, I ask you to forgive if there will be errors and non-standard expressions. I am 35, married for 18 years, my spouse is three years younger than me, but not a bit looks like his age, if you don’t know you can think that you have a young, 25-year-old redhead, and not a mother of two charming daughters. For all the time of married life, our sexual relations at the moment have slipped to zero, I don’t know what caused this: stress, work, but we live as just neighbors in one apartment, the fire of passion and love died away in our hearth, but then my old friend appeared ANTON and began an interesting relationship in our destiny.

I was at work when my wife called and was glad that my old colleague Anton, who I hadn’t seen about 3-4 years, came to us, on top of that, my wife had a birthday and I, as a decent husband, hurried home with flowers and gifts . But the feints of fate do not always add up favorably to you when you want it. At work, I did not have time to leave her, they began to offer me a drink for my birthday, then for the birth of my son, in short, I drove home in a not sober state, but this did not prevent me from congratulating my spouse and note that while I wasn’t my friend and I were not wasting time, there were bottles of wine and champagne on the table, and a huge bouquet of roses was fragrant in a vase.

I would like to note that my friend, from the very beginning of our acquaintance, was not indifferent to my wife, showing signs of attention to her, and one day, on one of the drunks, even cried like he wanted to sleep with my wife, she also answered signs of attention moderately without allowing much. After the congratulations for the birthday party and the meeting went, an ordinary booze went when they discussed everything and everyone. But everything comes to an end, and now I expressed a desire after a good table to go dancing or watching TV, this proposal was met with approval and our honest company rushed into a sea of ​​dance. The rhythms of fast music died down and I, tired, sat down on a chair without paying attention to the fact that the others continued to dance to the rhythms of sad blues, but when I drew it, it became very interesting.

Anton was spinning in a slow dance with my dear little wife, but he pressed her not as a dance partner, but more like a man who wants to throw this woman into bed. His hand fell below the charming skirt and penetrated somewhere between the charming legs, making translational movements, and the tongue gently caressed her charming ear. I understood that the spouse under the influence of alcohol and a state of excitement will not keep the defense for a long time.

I abruptly stopped the dance, telling me it was time to go to bed later, and left a friend in the hall, while he took his wife into the bedroom and put him to bed and fell on the pillow into the world of morpheus. I woke up because there was no one around, and suspicious noises came from the hall. Our hall has two checkpoints so that I tiptoed to the second door and saw a picture that struck me. Anton was lying on the couch, completely naked, his powerful huge member stuck out like a lamppost, and my wife swallowed him deeper and deeper with her small charming mouth, then licking him, then swallowing him to the very throat. Her pussy was right near the mouth, which licked it, which is why my dear shook her whole body and demanded more and more!

Not taking out more of this spectacle, and my dick was already smoking like a steam locomotive, I went to my wife and stuck my dick into her hot vagina, which was all wet and hot, and began to hammer her like a jackhammer, after which I richly finished it , and she sucked the dick even more. But she didn’t have enough of it, she jumped onto Anton's cock, who completely entered her little hole and began to ride him like a wild Amazon, and he like a mighty piston all entered her giving her divine pleasure. My member rose like a flag from a fabulous picture and I, having lubricated her ass, entered her, feeling her narrow hole, she started at a start but then in a fit of orgasm screamed “more, more! tear me apart !!! Take me as the last slut! " The process grew and we all finished at the same time, th