“Did you today something painfully quickly returned, baby?” - Uncle Seryozha looked at Alina, who was confused, and tried to understand what it was that she was all running from the kitchen to the corridor and peering into the peephole. At the same time, she was somehow strangely afraid that he would notice her actions and would certainly begin to ask why and why.

Taking advantage of the fact that the baby fell asleep, Alina ran to the market for groceries, and then went to the next apartment, which wasn’t by the way imposed on her for cleaning by the omnipresent uncle Seryozha, in order to finish everything and get some rest for dinner.

“After all, I only had time to go there, I began to pour water, suddenly I saw a sheepskin coat on the floor, picked it up, listened - someone is talking in the bedroom. I would immediately leave, but then I thought that maybe someone would come out and find me like a thief. From fear, I heard every knock of my heart, ”Alina said very confusedly.

"Yes, this is probably the owner was at home, he sometimes calls in" - Uncle Sergei slyly smiled - "Maybe something forgot or some other need appeared."

"It was the owner, only he was not alone, but with a girl."

“Yes, and why were you so surprised, he is a young man, the blood boils, and in the market you know how many such people are spinning, even a dime a dozen, maybe what kind of stealing he brought for an hour or two.”

“No, Uncle Serezha, I heard that it was some very young girl.”

How do you know if she is a girl or not? So I’ll look at you, you are a husband’s wife, 25 will be knocked out soon, and you still don’t know what men and women are doing. ”

In confusion, Alina paused for a bit, and then added: "She asked to let her go, called for help to my mother, but I did not dare to move from the place and go there."

“You are a fool, they are all behaving like this, bawling, mother is asked to help, and surely, she herself has trodden her legs, nobody has dragged her.”

“She told him that she had just come in for a minute.”

“You think he will take her by force, you dismissed the nurses here, and they may have found a common language for a long time and are making love to themselves. What do you think, horan girl just let go? Maybe she owed him money or something else, and that will work out in full. When did you get out of there? Hour ago?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

“You see, two little doves have paired and cooed themselves, and you are worried. He will now roast her for three hours, if not more. Are you saying a very young girl or have you not seen her? ”

“I didn’t see anyone, only voices, it even seemed to me that he was pinching something in her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream.”

“You see, his apartment is opposite, complete silence, no one shouts, does not call for help, or maybe shouts, so that’s for joy. If we lived under them in our neighbors, then the bed would be dug, and so ... "

Uncle Seryozha did not let up, the story of his resident, apparently, stirred up the old horse that he could not just calm down so much: “As you decided to run away from there, it was probably most interesting, too, it’s not every day that you see in three steps the girl was beaten. "

“I was afraid to even move, while they were loudly cursing, and then suddenly it was quiet, I even thought they were kissing, only then she broke out again, and ... the bed creaked heavily ...”

"So you missed the fun part."

“I didn’t want to be a witness, it’s better to let them understand themselves. Maybe you are right, now what kind of people there are, only strive to break off more and more sweetly. ”

Uncle Seryozha now himself began to glance from time to time through the peephole, he wanted to peek over the edge - what kind of bird had Khoren got on the hook. He also saw that Alina, too, could not calm down and continued the piquant topic: “After all, when I agreed with you about him, he asked me first of all:“ How is she? Young or not? ”I told him that he was twenty-five years old, the child was small, only she gave birth, she needed work closer, and her husband is there, she works at the construction site all the days long, only they don’t meet ends. And he says to me: "If you have recently given birth, it means that it should be good." I just wanted to describe you, and he was ahead of me: “Just look to clean up at a time when we are not at home, I’m not going to see what I’m married to, feel for the mood, then her man disappeared. Sometimes he even has a friend here, also the same, only older. ”

Alina was all covered with paint, not knowing what she was doing, aimlessly rearranging the pots in the kitchen. That girl didn’t get out of her head. She imagined herself in her place for a moment and immediately ran to the bathroom to wash with cold water.

From her stupor, Uncle Serezha’s insinuating voice brought her out: "Look, look here, come out."

The doors of the next apartment slowly opened, at first a girl, very short in stature, fluttered out of the apartment, but a little fat, and then with a noise, Khoren began to close the door. At the elevator, he hugged her tightly, the girl did not resist. Predatory looking around and not noticing anything suspicious, he stuck his paws inside her not fastened fascinating fur coat.

“Look how they are being pardoned. Do you think they kissed there for two hours? But indeed the girl in this cover did not often happen. See how full? ”

“Let's go to the window,” he almost commanded, and was not at all surprised that Alina could not move even from her place, and he continued to comment: “Watch how they rush to the car, as if they had stood in the cold for two hours.”

"Uncle Seryozha, I am now afraid to come into this apartment alone."

"So let's go together, I'm not averse to gawk at what they have done there."

With caution, as if doubting that there was no one in the apartment, Alina opened the door of the neighbor's apartment.

“Didn't you tell your peasant that I found additional work for you?”

"What do you? Not".

“That's right, you don’t need to know him, then you’ll tell everything yourself when you get good grandmothers ... Look, you've covered all the tracks, and even made a bed."

But not a single trifle could have escaped his tenacious gaze.

“But the bed was worked for — not a sheet, but a battlefield — not for life, but for death. Look, all the same in one place, he told her at least a little, but he jerked well. So did you notice that girl? ”

Alina nodded in agreement.

“He probably likes them like this, plump, roomy, just right for such an elk” - and he winked at the conspiratorially at the completely somlevuyu Alina.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Uncle Serozha noted that there was a whole mountain of dirty linen. "If you want to please, collect all this and wash it."

Alina tried to open her mouth to protest, because there was no persuasion about this.

“I know that it is not your responsibility, but be respectful - you will be rewarded with interest. And you will dry on the balcony in my room. Bed also do not forget.

Having tied in a huge knot, Alina was upset and went to wash the clothes of a man she did not know at all. Locking herself in the bathroom, she tried to do all this before her husband came home from work, and only occasionally ran out to feed the baby, and the initiative uncle Seryozha took care of the baby.

By the evening, having previously called the door of the neighbor's apartment and waited a few minutes to make sure that no one was at home, she brought the laundry and made the bed. Only nearly dried-out towels remained, which Alina hid in the room of the village of Seryozha, who continuously smiled and said everything: “Well done, girl, diligent, now I can do something.”

Alina's husband, who came, as always, late in the evening, was a little surprised that his wife, after feeding her husband with delicious borsch, somehow pressed herself to him in bed in a special way, that he, despite her fatigue, had fulfilled her own, slightly forgotten, marital debt.

In the morning, having bathed and put to sleep the baby, Alina at the stipulated time called the neighbor's apartment and started cleaning. She was in a hurry, as never before, to finish cleaning faster, as if someone had driven her. She was almost finished and was about to leave, when Khoren suddenly appeared in the doorway ...
Uncle Serozha started to get nervous, because the baby woke up and began to cry, but no motion sickness reassured him. Taking the baby in his arms, he began to walk from the window to the door, then he opened the front door slightly in the hope that the mother should hear her child crying.

... Alina left the apartment only three hours later. Confused, Seryozha met her at the door, holding in his hands an already calming child. Looking at her crumpled face and hair, he only found what to ask: “Did you use a stallion after all?”

Alina took the child in her arms and answered: “I myself”, and gave him four hundred-dollar pieces of paper tightly clamped in her fist.

Uncle Seryozha guilty looked at them until Alina added: “For some reason he knows more about me than I do.”

And it was like that. Alina froze on the spot when she saw Khoren. He smiled in all his big white-toothed mouth.

“My grandfather told me that you were young, but never showed you, probably, he was especially afraid to show such beauty,” Khoren wheezed, throwing off her sheepskin coat.

Alina, with difficulty coping with anxiety and trying to say that she had finished everything, began to gather, but Khoren immediately stopped her.

“I wanted to thank you a little for the cleanliness” - and he, glancing at a pile of freshly laundered ironed linen, reached into his pocket. A few hundred dollar papers that Alina saw only in the pictures completely embarrassed the woman. She held them tightly in her hand and did not know how she would tell her husband about it.

Khoren moved closer to her, and Alina clearly felt the slight smell of alcohol.

“Are you in a hurry somewhere beautiful?”

“Yes, yes,” Alina said often, delighted at his prompting.

“You have a very small baby. Are you breastfeeding? ”

"Yes Yes".

"So, there will be a real horseman ... I was fed up to three years by my mother with a boob."

Alina, to somehow defuse the situation, looked at him in surprise.

“What are you looking at? Do not believe? That's why I grew up so big. ”

Alina again did not know where to put herself, because the man, who stood above her on a whole head, was tightly blocking her exit. She felt that it was time for her to feed the child, but the conversation seemed to never end. Therefore, looking at herself, as if by stealth, she tried to find the reason for her departure: "I have to go, ... feed."

Khoren saw very well that her dress was a little wet, which the young woman was nodding to, so he took her hand tightly and specifically asked: “When you feed, will you come to me? I won't hold you long. ”

Alina was all tense, feeling her hand helplessly sank in his hairy paw, while he carefully looked at the woman and demanded confirmation of her words.

"How so? How so? I have a husband. ”

Khoren looked even more attentively into her eyes and said: “Your husband didn’t ask why you wash my swimming trunks?”

Alina, once again, was embarrassed by his concrete questions, hard as a hammer, and answered the truth: “I did everything in advance, before his arrival, so as not to upset”. Exclusively from excitement about the last words, Alina gave some kind of smileiness, to which Khoren answered with a faint laugh: “Here is a clever girl, why should he tell everything. Now you and I, beautiful, already have a little secret. Are you satisfied? ”He bore her again with large, burning eyes, and Alina felt that he realized that yesterday in the bathroom she was dizzy from the tart, unfamiliar smell of men's underwear, as if she was sure that the bathroom doors were tightly locked, she carefully examined rammed by male sperm sheets.

“Let's sit a little? - and strong men's hands sat her on a high table. Now her legs did not significantly reach the floor, and she herself could no longer get off of him. She childishly flaunted her legs, as if demanding to return her to her former place, but the wise Khoren, stretching out her arms to meet, shoved the woman in such a way that with her whole torso he felt the breasts of a young nursing mother.

“How soft are you?” Will you kiss me?"

Alina shook her head, but Khoren didn't expect anything else.

"Then I love you ..."

Loosening his grip, he let her breathe a little.

"Liked? Let's repeat. He felt the young woman’s body become more accessible from the kiss.

Hearing the characteristic sound of the unzipped zipper of men's trousers, she seemed to sober up: "You will not, you will not do this, I ask you," she whispered, at the same time trying to get off the table.

“Who are you afraid of, beautiful? His? ”- he slightly pulled back his trousers and showed the tight blue head of his cock.

“You ask your chick whether she wants it or not?” And his palm unceremoniously reached between the woman’s legs. “You feel how warm you are… obedient, prepared as soon as you saw me.”

Khoren was showing her wet fingers: "She is waiting for another finger, thicker ... sweeter." He had already pulled a member in its entire length.

“Take him with your fingers, caress, meet, like on the first date. Now your joy will depend on him ... How do you like it? Will it work? ”

He unbuttoned his shirt, knowing what a wonderful effect on women produce his thick black thickets, having even more put his chest in front, began to tickle slightly to death the frightened Alina.

Alina did not answer his questions at all, there was a fog in her eyes, she already had little thought of what she was doing and why. Her small palms neatly placed one after the other on a solid trunk, it seemed to her that if she held it in her hands, she could somehow protect herself from this rampant male power.

Playfully, Khoren made several well-known movements back and forth with his whole body.

“Now it is possible to meet each other more closely, but I don’t hope for myself anymore ... You don’t want me to smudge you ... pens.”

Alina, sitting on the table and having calmed down a bit, got nervous again, which she immediately received: “We will be more closely acquainted with you there, in the bed, I have to see you according to all the rules, feel for all the places” - and he immediately launched his paws to unbutton a bra. Feeling how the female breast was freed from the object that held her down, he lifted the woman up in his arms and carried him into the bedroom.

“To understand how beautiful a woman is, she needs to be stripped ...” - Khoren didn’t finish it, because a treasure appeared in front of him in the form of a formed woman with a very beautiful, really round, booty, and thin panties were the last, defenseless obstacle on the path of a powerful tsunami ready to pounce at any second and destroy everything to the ground. But Khoren, slowly taking off her panties from a woman, noticed that from behind she was even more interesting. Alina understood his approving clatter and even more buried her face in the pillow.

"That's so good, come on, so that you do not have it so scary, let's play from behind." He slightly raised her sweetest treasure and, despite his substantial dimensions, with force began to enter her narrow, but long ready to caress, pussy.

Sensing that the woman, though with difficulty, but still impaled on his tight thick stick, the man exhaled with a wheeze: "Bitch, what a pleasant you are, come on, sweet, really, like a man with a woman, fuck ..." .

Alina, who had never known a single man except her husband, began to choke on the tide of sweet emotions from a healthy man who worked on her like an automatic machine.

He was discharged quickly, feeling that the woman had already received her portion of "inspiration". She was drunk from a stranger, but such a pleasant smell of a real man.

All wet from sweat and “runaway” milk, Alina tried to get out of bed, but Khoren firmly held her hand and brought her back.

“Let's have some rest. Are you tired? Do you walk for the first time? ”He smiled indulgently, squeezing her breasts, hardened from milk. Alina was silent.

“So the first one. You will know that this is not at all scary, but even pleasant. ”

Alina freed that breast that stroked Khoren, and almost asking, pressing down on her nipple, showed how much milk she had accumulated and that it was long time ago to feed the baby. Khoren, seeing how a tiny stream of milk splashed out of the nipple, ran his hand between his legs, and again before his eyes Alina appeared in full alertness with his bare, slightly reddened room ... oh.

“Look at him, he also wants milking. Let's do another tight fuck and I'll let you go. ”

She understood that it was useless to object, therefore she accepted his strong embrace without resistance.

Now he was on her, spread in bed, like a helpless frog. He leisurely touched his body to all the hidden women's places, thoroughly filed for reuse.

Alina began to gain more and more, that the first time was not at all in the bill. There it was as if not with her, tightly clogged in a pillow and not seeing anything. Only now she began to realize that for the first time she had changed her husband, seeing how tireless Khoren began to slowly kiss her nipples and neck, as in her usual pose on her was a completely different man, domineering, not tolerating any explanation or refusal, inviting to receive one more unforgettable pleasure ...

"How cool we are with you ... c'mon, a doll is affectionate!" Now you will come to me in the morning! ”

He did not wait for an answer, Alina was lying defenseless on her back, her eyes did not express either agreement or refusal.

"Then I will come to you ..." - these words immediately revived a woman somewhere very far away. She shook her head, expressing her complete disagreement.

“That's right, in the mornings we will be better in this lair, just some half an hour, and there will be enough“ joy ”for the whole day, and the next morning again ... It's good, when everything is close, you will need only one light robe.”

Uncle Serezha did not cease to be surprised how his lodger, not having time to carry out her husband’s work, ran to the neighbor’s apartment, from where she was flushed and agitated, immediately locked herself in the bathroom and spent a long time “preening”.

“That's what love does to a man!” - thought Uncle Seryozha, not without pride in himself.

So two whole weeks passed for Alina, but then Khoren came from a long business trip to his friend, who was older than him, and much had changed.