... The sleeping area of ​​a small town, 10 pm. In the two-room apartment of one of the high-rise buildings the light is on. Squeaks and sighs come from the room.

A dark-haired adult woman in an open robe lies on a large bed, her tired legs are slightly divorced to the side. Next to her is a magazine with the latest collection of autumn clothes, which she tries to carefully consider.

Exercising, as far as possible, over a slightly plump female body and bulging breasts with nipples, on top of it is a dryish young man. He has just entered it and is now committing frictions. His two arms, with which he rested on the bed, are very thin, and it seems that they are just not going to bear the weight, and the young man will fall directly on the woman.

- Oh, Kolka! When will you find yourself some girl, huh? She asks, in a calm voice, as if mechanically, not noticing anything but her magazine.

- I do not know, mom ... ah! - the young man sighs heavily.

He leaves this question unanswered, all his attention is focused on his own, streaked with veins, solid flesh. Kolka enters the trickling dark scarlet hole, which in the depths feels moist and hot female womb. From time to time their pubes touch each other, hiding inside the dark folds of her genitalia, this whole, it would seem, disgrace. Although there is no one to hide from, they live alone in an apartment.

Oh, this shiny on the light of a transparent grease, which covers the men's firmament! Oh, those plump, reddened labia! Oh, this papilla of the clitoris! Oh, this neatly trimmed pubis of black and hard hair! What kind of girls can be here when it's around?

To the creaking of the swaying bed and the slurp of mucus from the female perineum, the boy’s intermittent loud breathing is gradually added.

“Kohl, I'm already sick of taking contraceptives,” the woman calmly says, turning over the next page of the magazine, not looking at her son, but feeling how he is pushing her with all his pelvis. - You just can not control yourself and try not to do it in me?

- Oh, mom ... Mmm ... Sorry, but I ... Oh! I just need ...

“I know,” she interrupts him, “you just need to be drained.” What a pity that you are allergic to latex. And I would use a rubber band ...

But Kolka no longer hears her, he is at the peak of the most acute sensations penetrating the whole body and leaving somewhere in the lower abdomen and scrotum. He knows that he will soon finish, and he knows that his mother will not even have time to get aroused during this time, which is why she is so carefree about her glossy magazine. It is possible that she began to bother her.

“Maybe this is for the better?” Kolya sometimes thinks so. “Who knows how long it will take to at least make her moan?” And to bring to orgasm? "

No, he is definitely not capable of this, and it is not required of him. Only one and a half minute frictions.

- I already was tortured to change bedsheets, - the woman continues, - Even on my shorts your sperm gets ...

She immediately remembers the case when Kohl finished in her in the morning before work. She was so late for the bus that she didn’t even have time to wash, and all that her son had filled her vagina, gradually poured on the pants at work.

- Kolka, maybe you all the same ..., - a woman wants to address him, but, seeing how he rolled his eyes, and gradually slows down his movements, he realizes that it is useless.

“Ah, he will finish soon ...” - she thinks phlegmatically, feeling how slowly he slides his penis inside her, causing only a weak but pleasant shiver below the navel. - “And why did I agree to this? After all, they lived well, now another problem. "

But here last year’s conversation with her friend, who called on her to follow her son’s health, comes up in her memory.

“Remember, spermotoksikoz - this is not fiction! A peasant should have regular sex life, especially at that age. And then problems with children will be, they will not be able to conceive ... ”- the voice of a friend rushes in consciousness.

At first, the bewildered mother did not believe her. What is spermotoxicosis? However, the frequent nighttime wet dreams of the son, soiling all the underwear, made us think about this idea, and the articles read several times from the large reference book on urology finally convinced the woman that she needed to deal with this problem.

And now, already half a year, three or four times a week, this unusual intercourse between the son and the mother takes place. In other families, it would be taken very negatively, but a wise woman did not care, the health of her son is more important. The last thought of a woman is expressed in a slight smile on her lips.

- Oh, mom! Fits ... Oh! - interrupted her thoughts youthful moans and hot trembling breath from above.

Then she breaks away from the magazine to look at her son's sweaty face. At such moments, it is especially beautiful - an expression of insatiable thirst, which only one mother can weaken. And she knows it and selflessly everything quenches.

It took no more than one and a half minutes from the beginning of sexual intercourse, and the son is ready. On his face freezes genuine pleasure, mixed with boundless love. Kohl entered his mother to the maximum depth and, jerking his pelvis, began to pour directly into her vagina.

- Oooh! Mommy-aaaa ..., he groans softly.

Of course she feels some excitement, especially from the burning seed of her son, filling the bosom, but this is not enough for her. She does not even get wet as it should, does not have time to put a woman’s juice. Mother just silently looks at Kohl and smiles slightly, realizing that he had committed another ejaculation. She does not think this is dirty or immoral.

“If he suffers so much, if he needs me, then why not?” The woman thinks. “At least now his testicles are empty, and he can easily fall asleep after a busy day at school.”

“Mom, I love you ...” his son whispers, exhausted from arousal, making the last obscene frictions into the vagina from which he had once emerged filled with his own seed.

When everything ends, the young man gets off the woman and lies next to her, leaving on her hairy pubis and stomach a careless shiny strip of stuffy ejaculate.

- Mom, can I sleep with you today?

- Again? Well, it's a lot of time, tomorrow you will have to study again. Go to sleep if you are more comfortable here ...

... After a while, the woman takes a shower. From her vagina flows sperm, the sperm of his own son. “Who would have thought about it a few years ago!” She thinks with surprise.

On the soft, crooked palm slowly, like a sauce from a bottle, warm and thick whitish liquid is poured. "Wow, as much sperm as his father ... And the same rate of fire as he ... Yeah ... It takes me to the peasants!"

Returning from the shower, she notices how Kolka quietly snuffles on the bed. In one hand he holds her own panties. “Probably stole again from the laundry basket!” She thinks. The blanket, which he covered, indecently bristling in the groin area.

A woman lies down and kisses her sleeping son. Only now she began to understand what a big role mother plays in the life of any man ...