I was at that time, I studied in the 10th grade, and walked with Volodya from 11 "A". However, he "walked" with me, and I was truly in love with him, for a long time, from the 8th grade. I was terribly jealous of him, constantly crying because he didn’t look that way, didn’t talk to me that way, she dreamed that we would get married after school!

And he, of course, was far from such lofty feelings, and met with me because I was the most beautiful girl in school. I had a magnificent braid and already quite a girlish figure with a developed chest. I hid my love for Volodka, poured out my soul only to one neighbor, Aunt Natasha. She was an adult, 35 years old, very beautiful and soulful woman.

Volodya and I started dating in September, and by January we were mired in problems. Actually, the problem was one - Volodya wanted us to have sex. Most of our classmates with might and main fucked, Volodya himself lost his innocence in the summer in the village, so he considered himself an experienced man who just couldn’t walk with a girl. Until now, Volodka and I have only kissed, and I liked it, but I was afraid of sex madly. It seemed to me that it would be very painful, very embarrassing, besides, I was afraid that my boyfriend would tell everyone how I behaved in bed, and there was no place where I would retire ... what was the sex? But at the same time I was very afraid of losing Volodya, just to the horror. I had to make some concessions.

One such concession was permission to touch my chest. Now our meetings took place in a certain way: first we kissed, then he unbuttoned his blouse on me and started off! I can’t find another word for milking me. He liked my breasts very much and he could squeeze them for hours. He twirled my nipples with his fingers, while he rubbed his lower body against me! I still did not understand that in this way he managed to finish a couple of times in the evening. For me, these sessions were agony. His breasts hurt his hands, his nipples ached for days, it was painful to wear a bra. Because of the constant pain in my chest, I even began to avoid dating: so that only Vovochik would not touch me every day. All this aggravated my fear of sex: if it hurts so much even to touch my chest, then what can we say about the rest? This is probably a nightmare at all! Girlfriends in one voice said that touching the breast is terrible - pleasant, but for me they were just awful! conclusion? So something is wrong with my breasts!

I shared all these concerns with my neighbor, a counselor. She gave two practical advice: to lubricate the nipples with petroleum jelly, and also to bring Vovchik to her, so that she would teach him to deal with women's breasts. This, of course, I did not do, so I was sure that Vova was mortally offended, because he considered himself a superman. Vaseline-smeared nipples began to hurt less, but Vovchik did not like that the chest was slippery and I stopped lubricating it. Clinging her teeth suffered a painful caress, just not to lose a guy!

Once I went to my neighbor in the evening, and she had a guest in the kitchen - a representative man of about forty; he was introduced as Uncle Andrei. We drank tea together, suddenly suddenly Uncle Andrei asked:

“So, baby, are you still suffering from chest pains?”

My tears spilled from my eyes. How could Aunt Natasha tell someone about my breasts? Traitor!

- Do not cry, honey. Just Uncle Andrei is a doctor, he can advise you on something!

- Yes, you should not be shy. Do you know how many naked women I've seen in my life?

I sat red like a cancer and thought painfully. Breast problems by the time reached their apogee. Even now I came to my neighbor in the softest robe, without a bra, but this did not alleviate my sufferings. Can! this doctor! can do something?

- Do you want me to inspect you?

I squeezed the robe closer and hoarsely said.

- I am afraid that something is wrong with my breasts!

- In what sense?

- Well, maybe there is some kind of tumor? Why is it nice for all girls to be touched at the chest and it hurts me?

“I can't say anything until I look at your chest.” - smiled a man. He was pretty cute.

- Andrei, do you have that miraculous ointment with you? I think in this case, it just fits. - My neighbor also smiled.

- Yes, she is in my bag. Bring it, Natasha, while we are getting ready. - He said, as if I had already agreed.

However, the chest ached and there was nothing to do. I undid the dressing gown, the doctor ordered me to sit closer to the light, stood behind me and gently touched my chest, covered both hemispheres with large palms. Then he smeared his hands with ointment and began to gently massage my nursing breasts!

Strange thing, but the pain was gone. With light, soft movements, the doctor rubbed ointment into the base of my breasts, slowly touching the delicate hollow between them with his fingers.

His hands were so warm and soft, carrying such relief that I closed my eyes. At this time, the doctor had already reached the nipples and rubbed ointment into them with sliding movements. They straightened themselves and became firm, which surprised me incredibly: Vovchik achieved the same effect simply by pulling them out with his fingers. The doctor continued to stroke my breast confidently for another ten minutes, and I was just blissful. Finally he finished, took off my robe and said:

“Well, thank God, you have no tumor.” Beautiful, developed breasts. But on the nipples, of course, there is irritation. So I would recommend that you go through three more sessions like today. Come every evening, I'll rub your ointment. I now live with Aunt Natasha.

I quietly thanked and left. In the next three days after suffering with Vova, I ran to grandfather Andrew, who rubbed my magic ointment. And then a terrible thing happened - Vovchik's parents left and his apartment was at our complete disposal for three days. Already on the first evening, he led me to the parent’s bedroom with a huge mirror and a huge bed, from the sight of which I trembled. Not a word or a word. Vovchik began to kiss me, then began to habitually paw my chest. Then he pulled a condom out of his pocket and said:

“That's it, girlfriend, today you won't turn away.” Either you give it to me now, or we scatter. Choose

What could I choose? I loved him so much, and saw that he was not joking.

- Good. - only I whispered.

- cool! Then take off your clothes. - He ordered and he began to throw off his clothes. As in a haze, I saw his strong body, his risen penis, which seemed huge to me.

All shaking with horror, I took off my clothes and stayed in some panties.

- Cowards too. - ordered Vova, looking at me appreciatively. I obeyed, took them off, all red with shame, and tried to cover the pubis with my hands. Vova pulled me to the bed, and I closed my eyes and prepared to endure the pain. Vova, meanwhile, lay down beside him and began to crush my breasts more actively than usual. It was simply unbearable, but I put up with it, only once I could not resist and groaned. And immediately regretted that she did it: Vova pulled away from my breasts, leaned on me with his whole body.

- Spread your legs, it's time. - he hissed and with a force jerked to the sides of my knees.

Now his reared penis came close to my dry, fearfully compressed gap. It was impossible to escape. After a second, I felt him pushing inside, and it hurt so much that I screamed. Vovchik squeezed my mouth with his hand and snapped evil:

- Shut up, bitch, what are you yelling? It will be painful, how much it should be, and that's it! Keep quiet! - and began to shove at me again. I was very scared and hurt, I tried to throw it off. I did not succeed, but the member shifted slightly and slid onto my belly.

- Oh, you bitch! - Vova soared, - You will make an impotent of me! Okay, come on! - he sat on his knees, spread my legs apart and, holding them like that, he began to poke his dick in my bosom again.

Such agony lasted for at least an hour: Vovichk put me on all fours, laid me on the edge of the bed, and tried endlessly to shove his penis. Nothing came out of him, he just rested against the blank wall. It seemed that I simply did not have a hole in which to enter. In the end, he squeezed his penis between my exhausted breasts and released a portion of sperm.

- So, listen to me, bitch frigid. - He said, dressing. - Chick without pussy I do not need. Tomorrow will not be ancestors yet. Come here with Vaseline and let me fuck myself, otherwise! otherwise you will not see me again.

I cried all night. The next day, Vova and I did not go to school; instead, I, extremely humiliated, came to his home. With petroleum jelly.

- Lie down, spread your legs and smear everything there for yourself. He said instead of greeting. I did just that, and he watched me, playing with a swollen member. Then he lay down on me and pointed the gun at the target.

Alas. Vaseline played a cruel joke with us. The member slid, but not where it should be. Vovchik finished twice, on my stomach and on the ass, but I could not deprive me of innocence. Therefore, he proclaimed that we are parting forever, since I am a “worthless fuck.” I was close to suicide, came home sobbing for two hours. My whole body ached, washing in the shower, I noticed a lot of bruises from Vovchik’s tenacious fingers. How can I live without him?

I had to talk to someone and I rushed to my neighbor. Aunt Natasha was not at home, so I, sobbing, told my uncle Andrei everything. He comfortingly stroked my head and said all sorts of platitudes, and then asked:

- So he broke your virgin, or not?

- I do not know, it seems! it seems that I don’t have a penny, as you say, or! well, that hole in which! - I did not know what to call it and was very embarrassed.

- Vagina? It can not be. This pathology is extremely rare.

Then a brilliant idea struck me:

- Maybe you look? ! - after the torment of Vovchik, it no longer seemed so terrible to me to spread my legs in front of the doctor. Although I was terribly shy anyway.

- See your vagina? Of course, it needs to be done. Let you lie here on the table.

I settled on the table in the living room. Uncle Andrew washed and greased his hands, then walked over and gently spread my knees to the sides.

- Do not strain, I will not hurt you. - He said and began inspection.

At first I felt his fingers stroking my ass. Then, with very smooth movements, he began to stroke my entire bosom, slowly, gently. From the tension and from something else, I was all wet and with surprise I felt that my cave was moistened.

Uncle Andrew, meanwhile, said:

- I will lubricate your breasts, they are all annoyed - and his fingers switched to my nipples. While he habitually massaged them, I simply melted, not experiencing any embarrassment from my nudity. Then Uncle Andrei lowered one hand to my cave and began to easily move his fingers in it. A wave of pleasure rolled over me, I involuntarily jerked and moved my knees.

- I have not finished, spread your legs. Said the doctor, and gently spread my legs.

His fingers began to massage my wet slit again, and I thought how unlikely these two men were pushing my legs apart: Vovchik was in pain, and Uncle Andrei was a pleasure! Meanwhile, it became more and more pleasant to me, my head was spinning from pleasure, so as not to groan, I began to bite my lips.

- Why do you bite your lips? Does it hurt you? - asked the doctor.

- No, it does not hurt me. - shivering, I replied.

- Well then? - he was persistent.

- I am very pleased, and I am afraid that I will scream with pleasure. - I honestly admitted and blushed.

- When you want to do this, you still can not resist. And do not. - quietly said the doctor. And I began to caress in a circular motion a tiny tubercle between my sexual lips! Mother dear! My whole body twitched from incredible pleasure. I groaned hollowly, and Uncle Andrei spread my knees bent wider and squeezed my clitoris with my fingers! here I screamed with pleasure and came violently.

- Excuse me! - whispered slightly audible, ashamed of his behavior.

- Do not apologize, you have quite a normal reaction. By the way, I must say that everything is in order with your vagina. And, fortunately, your friend did not break your virginity to you. Apparently, he badly aimed! rubbed you all around, but did not hit the target. I recommend you to undergo a course of treatment, otherwise an infection can get.

- What is the course of treatment? - I asked, sitting naked on the table.

- Again rubbing that ointment. Only wounds you have here more serious than on the chest, so you need to rub four times a day, and so for at least four days. You're lucky, I'm sitting at home on sick leave now, I can help you.

- And how! four times a day if I'm half a day at school?

- I'll write you a certificate. And by the way, this will allow you not to meet with your idiot boyfriend.

I thought that before my mother I was pretending to be sick, it would not be difficult! And how well this uncle Andrei came up with!

- Thanks you! - I said sincerely.

- This is my medical duty. - he smiled. - So when do you want to start?

- Maybe right now? I asked timidly. - Or are you tired?

- I? - he grinned. - No, I'm not tired. And you ?

- I want to quickly get better. - I lied. In fact, I just dreamed of feeling his fingers again in my cave!

- Then I will bring the ointment and proceed. Let's just do it not on the table, but on that sofa, if you don't mind.

Five minutes later, we settled on a narrow couch in front of a mirror in a fancy pose. Uncle Andrey arranged me so that I lay on his knee with my stomach, my knees were spread apart, and my butt was reflected in the mirror. At first it seemed to me not very comfortable, but when he began to rub my ass, I realized that it was a beautiful, comfortable posture. Soon the doctor's hand slipped between my legs and again I involuntarily shrank all over.

- Baby don't pinch. - Uncle Andrey ordered. - relax your pussy!

When I heard this word, I felt even shameful, and I just squeezed into a ball.

- Come on, baby, don't be shy. - his fingers worked deftly and when he managed to touch the clitoris, my muscles relax a little. - There is nothing terrible that you have a pussy. That's what you have it is gentle, wonderful! pussy! pussy! And here klitorok! let me massage it !. Like this!

From his words and hands, I was terribly excited and involuntarily began to bow with my heart to his delicate fingers.

- Well done, baby, podmhivay! like this! Now I still scoop ointment. “He removed his hand for a second and then touched me again with cold cream.” From this feeling, I immediately finished, but he, as if he did not notice, and continued the massage. - No - no, do not try to move the legs. Not all. - with these words, he squeezed my clit with his fingers and pulled a little! - ABOUT


ABOUT!. How I screamed, how it huddled in the convulsions of an orgasm! Already the third today!

When I came home, everything that happened today with Vovchik seemed like an event of many years ago. I could only think about tomorrow's meeting with Uncle Andrey and his magic ointment!

In the morning, barely washed, I went to the session. Uncle Andrew met me in a bathrobe and we almost immediately started a massage. Again, on the sofa in front of the mirror, I experienced two orgasms, one after the other. Before the second session, I stayed in the neighborhood with my neighbors, and Uncle Andrey and I talked like old friends. I could talk with him about something I hadn’t talked about with anyone else, even with Aunt Natasha.

I told him that I was very afraid of sex, to which he replied that when I meet a man I want, sex will no longer seem scary to me. But I loved Vovchik so much, but I didn’t want sex! So, this is simply not the man, Uncle Andrei said, and I immediately believed him. Then I asked him to explain to me some words that I heard from Vovchik and whose meaning I did not understand. His explanations surprised me a lot.

- Fuck is a normal woman who loves men. When she likes someone, she immediately gives it to him, she doesn’t need to be persuaded. - he said. - And the cunt is the pussy of an adult woman. Here you are not yet having sex, so you do not have a pussy, just a pussy. And you will be given to men - there will be pussy. I think you will be a very passionate woman, love fucking! then I'll tell you what it really is called.

That day there were three sessions of massage, two on the table, and one in front of the mirror. At night, I slept like a log, and in the morning I realized that I could not live without Uncle Andrey. I love him, I want to make love to him!

I ran to him, happily put up my ass for a massage and was no longer afraid when he thrust his hand between my legs. On the contrary, I spread my legs wider and leaned towards him, gave in to my hips, and finished several times with a cry. And then, to my horror, he said that there would be no more massages.

- How why? - I almost cried.

- You have no more wounds! - He said, looking down.

- Tell the truth! - with tears in my voice I asked.

- The truth? Oh well. The fact! that i really like you You turn me on. And if you will continue to push the legs in front of me! I can not restrain and rape you.

- But! Uncle Andrey, I love you! I want us to make love!

- Baby, it's impossible. You are only years old. I’m going to jail if I sleep with you.

- But I will not tell anyone! And in the summer I will turn 16! - I rushed to him and began to kiss. He resisted at first. but then answered my kisses. Soon he hugged me and we lay down on the bed, I'm naked, he was fully dressed.

“Did your friend teach you to kiss like that?” - he asked.

- Yes! - I was so happy.

- I want you so much. - he said. - My dick aches with pain.

- You can insert it into me even now. I will be patient. - I said bravely. There wasn’t enough to lose Andrew just as I lost Vovchik!

- Fool. - he laughed. - you will be pleased! there is nothing nicer in the world than when a male member enters a woman. But until we do this, you are not ready yet. But maybe you will not refuse to stroke him?

- Of course! I can stroke him! - I was delighted, it did not seem dangerous to me.

- Then I take off my pants?

The doctor took off his pants and I saw his dick. God, he was two times more than that of Vovchik! Brownish, fat, very hard, he stood vertically up, and hairy eggs pulsed under him. Puzzled, I touched them with my hand.

- What is your huge !. - I whispered, and Uncle Andrey laughed a little and said:

- Play with him! pat it!

He sprawled on the bed, and I began eagerly acquainted with his member. I gently massaged the testicles, pushed aside the foreskin and stroked the head. It struck me that the member is so big, and at the same time so tender and fragile.

- Can I kiss him? I asked timidly. Uncle Andrei nodded. Then I covered the whole trunk with light kisses, licked my testicles, finally my lips instinctively closed around the head and began to suck on it! Uncle Andrew groaned. He pulled back a little and said hoarsely:

- Baby, if you continue like this, then I will finish. Won't you be scared if my sperm hits you in the mouth?

I said that I would not be afraid that I wanted him to finish and leaned over the member. For the next half hour, Uncle Andrei lost control of himself: he moaned loudly, screamed, and sometimes he began to fumble through my body and massaged my womb with power! at last he twisted, screamed, and a jet of semen struck me in the mouth. I swallowed, but the sperm flowed and flowed. I had to take a few big sips. Finally, Uncle Andrew came to himself.

- Baby, how good I was. My sweet, come here! - he pulled me to him and began to passionately kiss. Then his lips dropped to my chest and he began to kiss and lick my nipples. It was even nicer than caressing hands, especially when he sucked my breasts with force. So he licked my whole body, then his tongue slid between my legs! I have never experienced such pleasure. When he grabbed the clitoris with his lips and began to suck on him, I seemed to fly up to heaven. After a couple of seconds, I finished in his mouth as violently as he did to me, and he sucked all my juices just as carefully. Then he put on all fours and began to caress especially elegantly: one hand rudely cracked my tight nipples, while the other skillfully massaged the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina, his strong legs would not let me move my knees. No peak of orgasm, I felt that his cock pressed his cock, already tense again. I shrank in fright, but he immediately began to intensively caress the clitoris and sentence:

- Baby., Do not pinch. Let me stroke your pussy! - from familiar words and finished and leaned towards a member. - That's it .. do not be afraid! it won't hurt you! I stretched your little hole well! you will be fine! Come on, let me fuck you! - at the same time he squeezed my clit with a skillful movement, I felt the approach of an orgasm! and at that moment he entered with force!

It hurt a second, but then! the blissful feeling of fullness captured me.

I realized that I had not experienced anything more beautiful. I especially liked that uncle

Andrei held me tight, I could neither run away nor move my legs, nor jump off a member, nor accept any other posture! I was all in his power. And he silently, imperiously, even more spread my legs and literally crucified on his penis, so that I felt his eggs spread on my bosom. Then his hand began to caress his clitoris again:

- Now I want to stroke not the pussy of an innocent girl, but a real female pussy. - He said, and I felt proud that I became an adult woman. From pride, I finished and felt like my muscles even more gripped the male member. - And you are a hot little thing! - Uncle Andrei responded. - My girl has finished! from the first time cum from such a big member! good girl! - and he began furiously fucking me, pushing the penis and rough fingers squeezing my nipples.

The next two days we did not get out of bed. Uncle Andrei taught me everything he knew, and of course, he fucked in different poses. He managed to teach me to swear words, he forced me to ask "to insert dick into his pussy" and other indecent things, from which I, however, were even more excited. He liked to explain to me that there is nothing special in our relationship, and I can experience the same feelings with any other man. But I was remembered by the moron Vovchik and I did not believe my grandfather Andrew.

Once he said that he would take me to a gynecologist, because he was not sure that the birth control pills that he had bought were suitable for me. I did not suspect anything wrong, I went to the clinic. There were two doctors in the office, they asked me to sit in a chair, they tied my legs and arms, and even then I didn’t think anything bad, because Uncle Andrei was near. And suddenly both of these doctors began to unceremoniously feel me! I looked at my friend in bewilderment, and the doctors caressed my nipples, then began stroking between the open legs, massaging the clitoris and saying:

- Pretty! boobs strong pussy wet! Now we fuck you! - and took out of his pants strong members.

Of course, I strongly flowed from their caresses, but therefore I was not going to fuck with them, so I began to protest and escape. They continued to smooth me, and Uncle Andrey calmly said:

- Baby, we can leave now, I am not forcing you to fuck with them. But what if you like it? If we leave now, you will never know how you could cum from their members!

- But I do not want them!

- You have wet, excited cunt! she wants them! You're a real little fucking and you can cum from any dick. Or are you a little girl and are we going home now?

- No, we stay! - I said.

- Well done. Guys, she agrees.

One of the doctors immediately settled between my legs and with one movement drove the penis, while the other skillfully twisted my nipples. Uncle Andrew was right, I felt incredible pleasure from feeling my complete dependence on other men, from my attached legs, from the confident movements of their fingers and members, finished five times. Then we went out happy and Uncle Andrey made me suck him right on a bench in the central park. I do not know, as soon as citizens did not call the police!

Then our relationships changed. He provoked me to fuck with different men, and then told him. So I seduced Vovchik the idiot (fucking him was not at all interesting) and our school chemistry teacher, who had a small dick. Uncle Andrew, we were friends all my life and continued to fuck even when I got married. Now he has grown old, he always needs a good blowjob to get excited, but this is not a problem, as he taught me to do it very well!