I want to appeal to all peasants. What do you know about true love? Not about the love that is measured by money, gifts, signs of attention. And not about the love, which is written in fairy tales. Type: "And they lived happily ever after and died in one day."

Pick up the beauty in the club, drink it and fuck, and then hang noodles on the ears and thus win? Ugh! This is not love.
Roll up on a black Kruzak, spread your fingers wide, wave a bundle of banknotes and put a bruenik on your finger? This is also not love.

I would venture to suggest that the one who never once held his beloved hand, when she was fucked by a muscular macho with a big device, who had not seen her beloved eyes at that moment, did not hear her voluptuous moans, did not watch someone else's seed dripping from her loved Gub- he does not know anything about true love.

My name is Artem Lapin. I am 28 years old and I am a design engineer at the Videoproekt enterprise. I live and work in the large city of Novozavodsk, about which not many people know. This city is not indicated on the maps under your name. It is closed and the territory of the urban district, which includes about a dozen villages and is located on the perimeter of the village. This is because there are about 30 large factories and enterprises of light and heavy industry in the city, as well as the largest KODM plant for the processing of precious metals in the country, occupying four quarters of the right side of the Southern Highway and this is a third of the Southern region.

About our city should be told separately, but I will not dwell now on the description of a frightening industrial giant, who would easily have won in the nominations the most depressed, soviet, criminal and non-ecological city of Russia, if he had participated in official statistical ratings.

Now about my woman. Her name is Ksyusha. She is 25 years old. I do not know how anyone is, but for me she is the most beautiful woman in the world. It makes no sense to describe her appearance and physique. If you open a browser search engine and score “Joey Fisher” - this will be my Ksyusha exactly. Is that the eyes Ksyusha bright blue, as well as one face, one figure. I did not think that this happens, but once I came across a picture of Joey on the Internet and she became my ideal of female beauty. And when, in the comments to the news in VK, I saw Ksyushina Avu and went to her page and saw her photo, I was stunned. And immediately fell in love.

By that time, my sexual experience was limited to calling monthly prostitutes once a month. It suited me: firstly, I didn’t have to make complexes about a 13-centimeter “boyfriend” and a thin build. Secondly, even though I was pretty on my face, it was clearly not my strong point to catch the girls. Thirdly, I was not rich. Of course, my 50,000 wooden salary was not so bad, and odnushka in a new building on Kosmonavtov Street in the Western District (the most comfortable and least criminal) was in my property, I could not boast with special wealth and would hardly have bought myself love for money . Only for a while.

But, seeing Ksyusha, I understood: now or never. I stated in a personal message a declaration of love and readiness for everything, so long as it became mine. For two days I was afraid to go to VK. I didn’t sleep, almost didn’t eat and even prayed a little. On the third day I went in and almost jumped out of my pants with joy. She wanted to meet.
Our meeting was held in a good restaurant in the city, although after half an hour Ksyusha stated that she would appreciate more a walk in the district and a snack at McDonald’s. I instantly corrected the error and an hour later we first kissed on Dzerzhinsky Street in the square of the same name.

Then everything was foggy. The days dragged on, the evenings with her melted unnoticed, and the nights were given to fantasies in which I was brave and desperate. But in real life for a long time he was afraid to invite a beauty for the night. Finally, she did it herself, saying that her parents had left for the dacha, and her printer had burned down and it would be nice to see what could be done.

It all happened so that it was impossible to dream. The body of the woman he loved was amazing and I almost died, ending. When I confessed that I was ashamed of my size, she replied that she needed one, but with great pain and bad.

In marriage, we have a year. There are no children and we do not plan, since there is no place for children in our relations. When I made a marriage proposal to my woman, she said:

- I am a young novice journalist and the profession will be about to take away from me a lot of energy, time and she will also demand certain victims. With me can only be someone who truly loves me. Togo and I will truly love. But this love will be far from all the usual pink snot. Are you ready for this?

- Of course, my love. I can't live without you. - I answered.

“You hardly understand what I am talking about,” Ksyusha smiled then, “however, I really need someone who will always be there, love me and make me feel good.” You have every chance. It all depends on how you pass the test ...

Having passed the first test, I began to guess what Ksyusha was talking about. I admit, it was wildly painful, incomparable, but the fear of losing Ksyusha and the desire to be with her were overpowered by pride, a sense of property and self-esteem.

Chapter 1. FIRST TEST.

Before the wedding, Ksyusha and I did not live together. Only met on weekends steadily and periodically on weekdays evenings. Sometimes she came to see me, and sometimes I stayed with her. Ksyusha still lived with her parents in the very beaten-up area of ​​the city. True East, divided like all other districts into 10 quarters, was famous for more frostbitten places than Ksyushin 41st, but still this first quarter from the Main City Overpass seemed to me a gate to hell. It was from here from the hillock on the horizon of the long avenue of Karl Marx one could see the huge thundering and droning blast furnaces of the Novozavodsky Ore Factory.

I waited with horror when the doors of the old rattling tram were opened and I would have to go over several courtyards with dark arches before I reached Ksyuhinaya five-story building. I’m probably a coward, but that’s at least honest. I am afraid of fights, never engaged in martial arts and did not pump iron in the halls. I shook my brains, but in our city this was not particularly appreciated, especially in the proletarian Eastern region.

However, that evening I got to Ksyusha without incident, successfully knocking with a crowd of Gopniks, hurrying to the “storage shed for booze.”
Ksyusha kissed me, fed me dinner and said that she had an urgent evening interview. Promising that she would return in an hour and a half, she smacked me again and ran away. A couple of minutes from the entrance, the Chevrolet Niva, the color of the southern night, drove off.
I stroked her shaggy cat, looked at the photo of her parents on the wall (the parents themselves were picking up the beds at the dacha, dumping them all summer), and eventually climbed over to Xyukhin comp.

On Ksyusha’s desktop, everything was very carefully arranged in directories. But one folder caught my attention and was called "Ksyusha + Sasha". I opened it and saw the video file. After a second thought, I launched it and put it on the screen.

The video showed strong guy torso in boxer shorts close up. The guy installed the camera in front of a wide double bed. He did it hastily, quietly swearing. Then he quickly jumped onto the bed and stretched out on it.

I recognized him right away. Former husband Ksenia Sasha. Brazen, confident gopnik. Ksyusha showed photos from the wedding, where the orangutan in a suit kissed her with his thick lips. They parted two years later when she caught him with her girlfriend. Ksyusha said she was young and stupid and she liked bad boys like any good girl.

I continued to watch and the “good girl” entered the frame. Ksyusha, apparently, just got out of the shower. Her wet dark long hair fell on a towel into which she was wrapped. She went, apparently, to the mirror, near which was the camera. She paid no attention to the camera and began to comb. The towel covered her breasts, stomach and slightly covered her pubis, but when my darling began to comb her long beautiful hair, the towel rode slightly, exposing Ksyusha’s smoothly shaved pussy.

I saw her close-up and I had an erection long ago. Automatically, I put my hand in my pants and, with bated breath, continued watching.

At that moment, Ksyusha sat on the bed with her back to Sasha and began to spread her face with cream, which she took from the bollard where the camera was standing. There was a wild feeling that she was sitting opposite me. I understood that I would see what I should not see. No wonder this reptile set the camera. But I could not stop.

Sasha sat down behind her. He was tall, well built, though not muscular. They are also called beer pitches, although it is necessary to recognize that he did not have a belly, and his wide chest and shoulders looked much more courageous than my bones. His neck was decorated with a thick gold chain with a gold figure of brass knuckles. On the predatory physiognomy there were several deep scars - traces of constant skirmishes, which Ksyusha told more than once. His dark, coarse hair was cut off under a hedgehog, and his wide, flattened nose and deep-set gray unkind eyes said that it was better to give way to a place on a narrow path. I hated these guys. Boorish, strong, unprincipled. Hated, feared and envied them.

Sasha put his hands on a towel in the area of ​​large Ksyushin breasts and began kissing her behind the ear, stroking the wonderful balls hidden by the cloth. My eyes were dark with jealousy.

“Leave me alone, you fool,” answered Ksyusha, breathing heavily, “Haven't you heard that you can't do this by looking in the mirror?”

“I don’t believe in omens,” Sasha whispered, continuing to play while his breasts were hidden, “But I adore your big boobs and your big, cool ass.” And you love my big dick, right?

“Not true!” Retorted Ksyusha, “Your cock is three times as big as my pussy.” It hurts me

“Well, not three ... not fucking,” Sasha, like a vampire, pressed his lips to her neck.

- Let's measure, - Ksyusha smiled fervently and, opening the same nightstand, rummaged there and pulled out a long ruler, - Come on, take it out.

Breathing heavily, I watched what was happening on the screen. Ksyusha has never been so relaxed with me. In general, I thought that her sex is not very interested, and the size of a member, and even more so. At least I had no idea how she could offer to measure size.

Ksyusha turned to him, and he got up on the bed and quickly pulled off his pants. I gasped. A long and fat uncircumcised cock popped out of the briefs and swayed in the air. It was not my gently pink 13 centimeter “boyfriend,” but a real masculine cock of a darkish color with sagging eggs.

“Take it in your mouth,” said Sasha.

“You will manage,” Ksyusha answered briskly and crawled up on his lap, then took a big penis in her hand and began to lightly podrachivat. The member was immediately filled with blood, swollen and became even more healthy. Ksyusha put a ruler to the member and whistled:

- Well, 22 and a half, and the diameter of the eye is not less than 4.5. - She looked up at him. He caught her hair and pulled her to him roughly:

“Suck!” He ordered, and pulled the towel off her. Big beautiful breasts burst free.

“I don't want to,” Ksyusha shook her head, but immediately received a loud slap in the face.

“Suck it, I said it!” Sasha ordered and put a dick in my beloved lips. To my surprise, Ksyusha began to suck, moaning. She tried to swallow a member stronger, nadrachivaya trunk with one hand, and the other stroking heavy eggs.

“Oh yeah!” Sasha moaned. He bent to firmly squeeze and stroke Ksyushin's chest, and Ksyusha had already laid her hands on his hips and was putting her mouth on Sasha's tusk, while smacking her loudly.

“Oh yes, baby,” Sasha moaned. He pulled a hand from the mouth of my beloved and put the eggs, which Ksyusha immediately started kissing and licking.

“Lie down,” shouted Sasha. Ksyusha immediately fell over onto her back, spread her legs and bent at the knees. Sasha leaned on top and I clearly saw how a member entered the pussy.

- Balllya! - Ksyusha screamed, - Not for the rest! Slowly.

“Fuck, how small you are,” Sasha began short, rhythmic frictions.

- Yes .. like this ... well, Sasha, - Ksyusha moaned. Sasha continued pushes, stroking large beautiful breasts.

“Oh, yes, dear, how big you are ...” Ksyusha moaned languidly. She suddenly screamed, stopped, and arched herself, covering the moan that had flown out of her mouth with her palms.

Sasha threw her on her side and now they were facing each other. He took one of her legs into the crook of his elbow and began vigorous frictions.

From this position it was perfectly visible, as a powerful member rumples a narrow reddened wet vagina.

“Oh yeah!” Ksyusha moaned, “Yes, love!” Fuck me more .... more ... eschoooooo!

She shaken in orgasm and I was neither dead nor alive. I did not expect such rude words from her. In the pants has long been wet, but the member stood as never before. I was just shocked by what I saw.

- Come on all fours, - Sasha turned her face to the camera and put it on the knee-elbow, and he stood over her, spread her legs wide and, taking the dick in her hand, began adjusting it to her pussy. Although, at that moment, for some reason I was most scared that he would take Ksyusha in the ass.

“Don't think about your ass!”, As if reading my thoughts, Ksyusha moaned and immediately groaned loudly. Apparently, a member of the destination.

Sasha began to energetically plant Ksenia. There were loud slaps of eggs on the pubis. Ksyushin's eyes looked straight into the camera. There was a veil of pain and wild pleasure in them, loud moans burst from the open mouth. Big breasts waved to the beat of frictions.

“Oh shit, how fucking awesome!” Sasha groaned, increasing the pace.

“I'm the best, yes?” Ksyusha moaned, podmahivaya awesome big ass.

“You're the most fucking kid,” snarled Sasha.

- Yes, yes, yes, yes ... - shouted the mouth of his beloved woman, - Daaaaaa!

She screamed, jerked, then jumped off the member turned to face Sasha and took his club in his mouth.

Sasha frantically twitched his hips and, with a cry, began to lower Ksyusha into his mouth. Sperm dripped down her lips falling on the beautiful breasts ...

Suddenly, I realized that at any moment Ksyusha would return, and therefore rushed into the bathroom, washed the member and locked the panties. Returning to the room, I went to the window and looked into the darkness.

I did not know what to do. I loved Ksyusha very much, but what I saw left unforgettable memories. It's one thing to know that your woman had someone before you, and it was completely different to see how it was and understand that you could never do it like that ...

... Ksyusha returned around midnight. I pretended to sleep. She quietly walked toward me and smacked my cheek. Then she sat down at the computer and ... deleted the folder with the same file.

I was amazed. A few weeks left until the second test ...