Parents divorced. Mom let me go to her father, I was already 18, so I could decide myself who to live with. Soon he had a new girlfriend, Tanka, and I think she had something to do with the break. They got married, and Tanka became my stepmother. Why do I call her Tanya? Yes, because she was only 20 years old, practically my age.

My father's marriage was not in my plans, and I first wanted to move in with my mother. Maybe she was offended at me, because I left with my father, but I hoped that she would accept me. Seeing Tanya, I abruptly changed my mind.

One evening, the father came home with a girl. Bright blonde with wide hips, and delicious tits. You can’t say "good, but a lot" about her, everything was just right, considering her height. Father definitely had good taste ... Okay, okay, I do not want to say that my father was some kind of male who is only interested in tits. He is an educated and good person. By the way, an electronics engineer, is setting up robotic conveyor lines.

We met, and my father announced that Tanya, his future wife, and, accordingly, my stepmother. We got to talking, she asked me with interest what I was doing, what I liked, and I felt like a teenager next to her, who was talking to an adult woman. In her manner of holding on and talking, she could have been given 30 years of age. I always found myself staring at her boobs, looking into the neckline of my blouse, and, because of this, I mumbled and blushed.

That night she stayed overnight. I did not have sex with anyone then, and I masturbated at every opportunity, several times a day. And the night was my time when I could break away, without fear that someone would see me. In the nightstand near the bed there was always a roll of toilet paper, next to it was a laptop, in one of the hidden folders of which I stored my gigabyte porn collection. That evening I did not even open it, having decided to listen to what father and Tanya would be doing in their bedroom. I tore off a long piece of toilet paper and put it under the pillow. He lay down, lowered his pants, and began to listen, playing a member.

Silence. I already began to take a nap, when from the bedroom of the “parents” I heard Tanka’s laughter, and slaps on the naked body. My heart beat often, and I pricked my ears, catching every sound. A few minutes later I heard Tanka breathing loudly and deeply, and began with a frenzy to jerk a member. It did not take half a minute for him to stand as iron. Slightly dizzy from the thought that I secretly eavesdropping, and the body shook as if from an electric shock. A pleasant tickling sensation appeared in my chest, which always arises if I am very excited.

Sighs turned into moans, and in addition, the bed creaked rhythmically. It became clear that everything is already serious there, and Tanka may soon end. I adjusted to the creak, moving my hand at the same speed. How I wanted to get up and see! I, of course, more than once in the evening, section and fucked Tanya in his thoughts, but to see live, it's completely different. But, I would not bear the shame if I was caught.

Tanya muffled screamed, apparently buried her face in a pillow, and I was curled up with a convulsion when the first “portion” of sperm splashed out of the member. She flew right up to her face, flopping on my nose. I cursed, continuing to violently move my fist, and the rest of the shots hit my chest and stomach, irrigating me with small drops. I lay back on the pillow, not wiping myself, and listened to the “concert by request”, fingering the drooping and wet member. Tanya there already, in my opinion, was crying with pleasure. When everything was quiet, I looked at myself, and the thought of trying to taste my semen immediately evaporated. Every time, masturbating, I always thought that it would be good to lick the sperm. Not have to wipe, and it was interesting how it tastes. But after you finish, the desire abruptly disappears, and it becomes even a bit disgusting when you wash the sperm from your body with toilet paper. I always “covered footprints”, not leaving until the morning, so that there was no smell in the room. I got up and washed the wet wad of paper down the toilet. So this time, I went to the toilet, holding the paper in front of me with two fingers ...

And faced with Tankoy. She oyknula, covering his chest and stopped, looking at my hand, which I did not have time to remove behind the back. Although she wore a nightie and panties, her breasts shone through almost transparent fabric, and I managed to see her nipples. Cowards traitorously voproschilis. She sniffed the air and smiled. I swear she understood what was in my hand! By smell. I blushed deeply and stared at the floor, examining Tankin's neat pedicure.

- Go first, I will be for a long time.

I slipped into the bathroom, (the toilet and bathroom we had combined), and finally threw this unfortunate piece of paper. I stood for a while, as if I really needed to go to the toilet, and pressed the drain. Despite Tanka, I ran back into the bedroom, and listened to how the water was pouring from the shower, imagining how Tanya was washing away, rubbing the crotch with her hand. I thought about it, to get out of my head what happened now. How embarrassing, damn!

From the first day of my acquaintance, I stood on her, and in my fantasies, when I masturbated, I constantly fucked only Tanka. I changed poses and situations, taking it by force, then, on the contrary, obeying it. Often I fantasized about how I lick her ...

Soon, one of its “features” was revealed. While dad was near, she was an ordinary loving wife, but when he had to leave the city, on business, I learned that she loves to "pour the collar." And not just some vino, she drank that stronger, whiskey or brandy, getting drunk before losing memory. She once told me that if I didn’t tell my father about this, she wouldn’t tell him if I did anything. How such a beauty can die so much? She apparently has some kind of problem ... There is no smoke without fire.

One evening, I called my friend Mishka to hang out at my house. Dad left for two days, and with Tanka we had a contract, not to burn each other. Therefore, I did not worry that Dad would be unhappy. When we entered, I got angry, finding Tanya lying on the sofa in front of the TV, in a completely insane state. I should have thought of that beforehand. Dad left in the morning, and she had enough time to "get to the standard."

Mishka was embarrassed to see my drunken stepmother, and offered to move our sit-rounds to another day. But I said:

- Yes, this is not a problem. She only wakes up tomorrow, come on, fall.

I turned on the TV and we sat on the floor in front of the sofa.

While watching Predator, I noticed that Mishka often looks back at Tanku. He even moved sideways to the sofa, so as not to twist his head, and I realized that he was trying to look under the robe that covered his legs, only to the middle of the thigh. I have to admit, I did this several times. One day, after trying to wake her up, when someone called her, I realized that she was completely blacked out, even lifted her skirt, and for a long time looked at the vagina, translucent through the black mesh fabric of the panties. I thought about going further, touching the boobs, for example, but did not dare.

I was angry with her, therefore, looked at Mishka and said:

- Are the legs nice?

He nodded.

- Do you wanna take a look?

He stretched out his hand, and slowly threw back the floors of his robe, revealing his narrow white panties. Bear stared at it, and then in a panic looked at me.

“What if she wakes up?”

I grabbed Tanya by the shoulders, shook her, and shouted:

- wake up!

She did not react, even her eyelids did not flinch.

- You see, even though the guns have fallen, she will not wake up until tomorrow afternoon.

Bear stretched, put his hand on her thigh, and shook. She did not move, did not even seem to breathe. He slid a hand over his leg to the knee. Still looking at her leg, he said:

“Have you ever done anything to her ... while she was like that?”

I wanted to lie, but just said:

“I just looked under the skirt.” I thought about it, but I was afraid.

Bear once again stroked her leg, and said:

- Touch boobs.

I myself almost decided on this, so I stretched both hands and covered their breasts with them, over the robe. Tanka was without a bra, and her soft tits parted in different directions, under its own weight. I gathered them together, pressing one against the other. And why haven't I done this before?

I looked at Mishka and smiled:

- Touch her pussy!

He looked at me, and slowly ran his palm up her hips, reaching for the panties, and put his hand between his legs.

I wanted to swap places with him, but a better idea appeared. Putting my hand under the robe, I squeezed my left breast, feeling her nipple with my fingers. Without a robe there were completely different sensations. The nipple was, for some reason, hard. Does she really feel something?

Mishka froze and opened his mouth, watching me do it. I untied the dressing gown with my other hand, and bare my chest and stomach. We saw her naked, she was wearing only panties, and it was so exciting that I almost forgot how to breathe.

The telephone rang, and we both, in a panic, removed our hands. It was a father. He wanted to talk to Tanya, and I was silent for a moment, thinking how to proceed. But, I had an agreement with her. If she is drunk, I will have to say that she is with one of her friends. Dad believed it, and I asked him how things were going. He said that everything was in order, and that he would call again on Friday evening, before departure.

I looked at Mishka. He took my place, and, laughing, played with Tankin boobs, rolling them from side to side, holding his nipples. I said goodbye to my father and went back to the couch. By that time, Mishka was already sucking her breasts, strolling her tongue over hard nipples, and I regretted that I myself hadn’t thought of it before. On the other hand, her “lower half” was free, so I sat down at her feet, and began to stroke them, enjoying the softness of her white skin.

I explained to Mishka where my father was and that he would not be back until Friday, so don't worry.

He said:

- That's cool, man! This is the best night of my life.

And then he reached for Tankinu's face, and kissed her on the lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth. For some reason, it surprised me more than anything we did before.

I reached for her vagina and began to feel her through the thin fabric of her panties. I knew that I would take them off, there was nowhere to hurry. He ran his finger across the sex lips, which looked like a pie, and lightly pressed. It was soft and pleasant.

Bear pulled away from her lips, and looked at me:

- It's so cool! How far can we go, do you think?

- I do not know. - I replied, and thought.

Not about how far we can go, but about just not getting caught. Father is far away. Tanku not get it.

“As long as we leave no marks, everything will be all right,” I said to Mishka.

He did not hesitate anymore, quickly got up and lowered his pants. He was right, it was high time to do it. His dick stuck out like a flagpole. He thought, completely undressed, and leaning over, began to rub a member of Tankiny boobs.

I looked at what he was doing, and began to pull panties from Tanki. The upper part of her shaved bush of blond hair appeared, and then a brilliant pink slit. I took off the panties, putting them close, ran my fingers over her light bristle on the pubis, and spread my legs wider to see everything as it should.

When my fingers began to explore her gap, opening every fold to examine it, it occurred to me that it was time to undress too, like a teddy bear. I got up, and after a few seconds, was already completely naked. And Mishka, the bastard, has already taken my place, and studied her pussy!

I was angry at Mishka because he pushed me, but without him I would never have dared to undress Tanka. And remembering that he had not yet tried to suck her breast, he stuck to the left nipple, sucking it in his mouth.

Bear drove a finger on her vagina, lightly stroking. Then, not enduring, he took hold of his penis, and began rubbing them along Tankina’s crotch, trying to insert. Hell, he even trembled with excitement! I would not rush in his place, we have a lot of time, but, it could be understood. Who will endure when in front of you such a beautiful body, and you can do with it, whatever you want? He spat on the penis, and slipped inside, began to move carefully. I looked at Tanka to make sure she did not wake up, and stared at her lips. Deciding, he came closer, and rubbed the tip of his penis on her cheek and chin.

Putting my finger on the chin, I stuck his penis in the half-open mouth. Tanya always painted her lips with bright lipstick, and now it looked very sexy - my cock hugged juicy red lips. Though for the magazine shoot.

It was so warm and humid inside that I just kept it there and did not move. Mishka and so forced her to move his pushes, so I had enough sensations. I knew that he would not last long, and wanted to wait for my turn to finally fuck her.

It took no more than two minutes before Mishka accelerated, patted his belly with force with his belly, and groaned and finished. I waited for him to pull out, took the pillows off the couch, and laid them on the floor.

“Take her by the legs,” I said, pulling Tanka's hands out of her robe.

We moved her to the floor, and I spread her legs wide apart, admiring the picture that opened. The bear sat on the sofa and watched me lie down on it.

I enjoyed the feeling of touching my body with her hips, and soft tits, under my breasts. Looking at her calm face, he began to move his ass, trying to send a member to the entrance. I could have done it with my hand, but I continued rubbing a member until I found a hole, and I slipped into it. The dick was still wet from her saliva, and I tried not to think too much about where the other slippery grease came from. It was cramped, hot and humid.

Slowly moving, I finally pressed my stomach to her pubis, and leaning forward, buried my face in her hair, inhaling with my nose this intoxicating smell. I knew that I would finish quickly, I was too excited, but I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. I tried to make a few short shocks, then slowly moved inside without removing. He accelerated and slowed down to find out what I liked more. The walls of her vagina were slightly ribbed, it was like a massage.

Soon I felt that I was approaching to finish, and stopped.

- Have you finished? - asked Mishka.

- No, but soon.

- Well, come on, do not delay, I want again.

I looked up and saw that Bear was rubbing his penis, and he was standing with him again. Getting up in my arms, I looked at her boobs, and at my dick. He pushed his hips to see him slide in and out again. He hugged Tanya by the shoulders, and began to twitch like a madman. I was covered with familiar sensations, only much stronger and brighter. Starting, I felt my sperm shooting at her. A member is swelling from splashing sperm, rests against the walls of the vagina.

My dick became too sensitive and I stopped moving. Just lay on Tanya. It was so nice to relax and savor the moment, but Bear said:

- Move! My turn.

I rolled back feeling too tired to even try to get up. Bear was already on it, I did not even have time to move away, and immediately began to fuck, rhythmically and hard driving a member. There were the clapping sounds of body blows to the body. He looked at me with a smile on his face.

I lay down, watching this live show. With every thrust of Tankino, the body trembled, and the boobs gently waved, it was hypnotizing. Kneeling down, I looked from a different angle to see his cock enter and exit the vagina, pushing it apart. It was very wet there, and I didn't understand what it was, its lubricant or our semen.

I went to the kitchen for Coke, came back and sat down on the floor, next to them. The bear began to twitch faster, I did not think that he would hold out much longer than me. He seemed to be damn happy, a smile never left his face.

While I was waiting for my turn, I thought I would try this one. I have been watching porn on the Internet for several years now, so I saw many different poses, but in some of them, a woman should move. With Tankoy this will not work. And what if you try cancer? The sofa, in height, seemed to fit just right.

At this time, Mishka's tremors accelerated, and he began to sniff loudly. When he finished, he collapsed on top of her. I continued to sip coke and plan what I would do next, giving him time to relax. More than he allowed me to.

Mishka rolled to the floor, got up and went to the kitchen. I heard the refrigerator open and Mishka poured himself a cola. Going to Tanka, I started stroking her boobs, twisting and pulling her nipples. She was already a bit sweaty.

The bear plopped down on the sofa and took a sip from his glass.

- Will you?

- Yes, I still want to play a little with her.

- Kaif! We both have this for the first time, sort of like, and immediately group sex!

I continued to explore her skin, without touching her red pussy. My sperm and Mishka were already oozing out of it.

- It's damn cool. Can we still tickle up to ten? My mom said I should be at eleven.

- Now only seven! How many times do you still want to fuck her?

- Once, when I watched porn, I jerked off six times a day. And it is much cooler than porn. And I will have breaks while you fuck her. - He said, pulling at his wilted member.

I never understood how Teddy could talk about sex so easily. On the other hand, I could not hesitate to talk to him about it like anyone else.

- Help me put her on the couch. I want to try cancer.

Together we put her knees on the floor, and threw her face on the sofa. I parted Tanke legs, and put in a member. Grabbing her hips and stretching her buttocks, he began to slowly fuck. There was no difference in sensations, but it was much easier and more convenient to move. And the sight of her big ass, with a wrinkled asshole, was incredibly exciting.

Bear, again sipping his cola, watched us and stroked a member.

- What do you think?

- Good. Want to try?

- You ask!

A few minutes later, he set aside the glass and moved to the sofa. Raising Tanke head, he put a member in her mouth.

“Don't push too hard,” I warned. “I don't want her to think later why her mouth hurts.” And do not stop her there.

- I know. I'm just having fun until you finish, and I can fuck her again.

He began to move back and forth, and after a few minutes his penis tensed, Mishka could not put half of her in already.

I expected my second time to last longer, but when I saw what Mishka was doing, combined with the new position, it was really difficult for me to restrain myself. I was already on the way.

“How about a swap?”

Bear did not answer, but simply pulled out a member, and climbed into my place. Lifting her head, I did the same as Mishka, putting half my dick in her mouth. Bear began to fuck, pushing it at me with every blow. Despite the excitement that the dick was in her mouth, it was not so exciting, and I could last longer.

This time, Mishka fucked Tanya for much longer. He slowed down, looked at me and said:

- let's turn her around, I want to see her boobs.

I nodded, and we turned her over, laying her down on the sofa. Mishka spread his legs and lay on her, a member entered like a clockwork.

Tanya is now lying, hanging her head off the couch, and opening her mouth. I didn't even need to take aim. I took her tits, and stuck his dick in a wet and warm mouth.

Bear looking at my actions, increased speed, wheezed, and fell off.

A minute later he got up and went to the kitchen. I wasted no time between her legs, and inserted the member into the slot. I just stuck it, and quickly pushed my hips, until I felt that I was starting to stop, and stood still, enjoying the jolts of sperm punching in the vagina. Then he lay down on her soft body, and relaxed, inhaling the scent of her skin.

A few minutes later, Mishka returned with a sandwich and sat down to watch TV. I woke up, pulled out a member and went into the shower. It bore from me like a goat.

Taking a shower is much faster when the person is already naked and there is no need to dress again. While I was washing, I thought that Mishka and I were incredibly lucky. Try this when you never had even a hint of sex!

When I returned to the living room, Mishka was already fucking her again, in the same position. Is he really able to last up to ten hours? Damn, we need to finish, and somehow wipe our sperm, which has already flowed in muddy streams along Tankin’s thighs and soiled the upholstery of the sofa.

I sat on the sofa, finding a place where there was no wet spot, and I stared at the TV meaninglessly. This whole story tired me out. Bear continued to fuck. He fucked her for ten minutes before, finally, again did not finish.

By nine, we were both exhausted, and I told Mishka that it was time to start cleaning. I thought he would resist and ask for more, but he immediately agreed. We are in two hands, wiped her with wet wipes, I tried to do it very gently, it's not a doll, but a living person. Mishka fumbled for a very long time, picking his vagina. Then, we transferred her to the sofa, and while he was in the shower, I put on panties and a bathrobe. Nothing complicated, I managed one.

I sat and played with her boobs until Bear returned. He came out of the shower, and while he was dressing, he watched me slap and stroke Tanka over her big and soft tits.

- It was so cool! Maybe more ... somehow.

And left.

Lying tired, I slouched into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed.


It happened two days later. I returned after training, it was quiet in the house. Passing through the apartment, I found Tanya lying on the bed, without feelings. I was surprised because father had to return tomorrow. Perhaps she thought this was her last chance to punish. I tried to wake her up, planning to tell her about a non-existent phone call if she woke up, but it was useless.

Then I called Mishka to join the fun, but the call went to voice mail. I was not going to leave a message, “come on the fuck,” and just hung up. Well, I tried.

It would be more fun to share it with Mishka, but if I’m alone, I’ll get more pleasure. And I could not wait to try one thing, with Mishka, I would be ashamed. I returned to the bed, plopped down next to her, and whispered:

- It will be fun.

Slowly, I undressed her, pulled out a towel and put it in her ass. He undressed himself, and lay down beside him, placing his hand on her chest. I thought about what I wanted to do with it, and about the order in which I would do it.

I often masturbated with the fantasy that I lick Tanya's pussy. Deciding not to delay the execution of this filthy, in my opinion, desire, I bent her legs at the knees, and began to examine every fold of her pink vagina.

Gathering my courage, I pulled my tongue out, touching the clitoris with it, and the folds above it. In the mouth appeared tart sweet and sour, but pleasant taste. And this intoxicating smell of her discharge! It was indescribable! I licked, sucked and tried every fold of it. And I thought that I definitely liked it, and I would have done it to her every day, if she had allowed. There was one more unexplored part of the body - her ass, more precisely the anus. I lifted her butt with her hands, pushing her buttocks apart, and a neat, wrinkled hole opened to me. I sniffed carefully. Nothing but sweat, hmm ... Cleaner. Licked. Nothing special. He moistened a finger and stuck it inside, Tanka started. I was alert and stopped, looking into her face, but, she no longer moved. Then I spent the language from the anus to the clitoris, and back. It was a very pleasant feeling. Having done so several times, I was terribly excited.

The member tensed, and it became uncomfortable for me to lie on my stomach. I lay down on Tanya, directing the penis in the vagina with my hand. There was no hope that I would last long, I was too excited. So I just fucked her, enjoying the naked body under me.

However, I fucked her for quite a long time, surprised at myself. Without stopping to move, I kissed Tanya on her soft lips, and ...

She opened her eyes.

- And you are much tougher than your father.

- Aaaa!

I froze with fright.

“I slept, idiot. What to do now?"

- Well, what did you stop? Go on, the sex giant. - With a mock Tank said.

She hugged me, and threw her legs on my back.

I looked with horror in her eyes, and the member immediately wrinkled, and slipped out of the vagina.

A million thoughts flashed through my mind in an instant. From "what will happen now" to "father will know."

“Do not worry, I will not turn you over,” Tanka reassured me, as if reading my thoughts. - Do we have an agreement? Only now will have to make some corrections.

She was still holding me tight, not letting go.

- The first time you really tried. In the morning everything hurt me, and for a long time I could not understand why. And then from me flowed. Was that your sperm?

I nodded, deciding not to give the Bear.

- And today, I decided to pretend, and see what will happen. And you got caught.

- Forgive me….

I almost cried.

- What are you doing? Although I missed all the fun, I liked what I had today. Admit it, jerking off on me before that?

- Yes ... from the first day, always.

- Well done, do not lie. I just saw you do it.

I stared at her in amazement.

- It was just enough to look into your room at night.

She laughed, and I blushed, hiding my eyes.

Finally, she let me go, opened her arms, and patted the blanket with her hand.

- Get down.

- Do not be afraid! - added Tanya, seeing my indecision.

I awkwardly got off her, and lay down beside her.

- Give me a hug.

I gently laid her hand on her stomach, but, she moved her on tits.

- What am I to do with you? - Thoughtfully spoke Tanka. - Yes, about our contract with you .... I hope you understand that you are very guilty before me?

- Yes ... Tanya, I ...

- Quiet! So here. From today, you will do what I say. There is nothing like “go, wash, clean”. I mean, completely different. You will fulfill my desires, in sex. Got it? And this, sometimes, will not be easy for you. It will be ... that I cannot afford with your father.

I looked at her incredulously, already grinning.

- Proceed. Lick me, you're good at it. It will be fun, ”she repeated my words.