Hello everyone, my name is Lisa. I am 25 years old, I have been working as an athletics coach for a year now. I am a short, thin brunette, in general, nothing ordinary. Sharing this story may be because it has lodged in my head, and sharing it I think is not the best option.

Let's get down to business. It happened just a month ago. I have Timka's nephew, he is now 15 years old, he is studying, playing sports, in general, the most ordinary child.

Like, during the summer holidays Timka lived with me for about a month, I myself live in the Center of Moscow, and he and his parents are far beyond the Urals, that is, we rarely see each other.

I live without a peasant, and even without a boyfriend, and so let's say my sex life, she’s not, although there are many options, but I don’t have sex.

At that time, Timka lived with me for two days, and all these two days, when he was sleeping, I calmed the eyes of his cock, I noticed him when in a dream he fell out of his underpants, so to speak. I think in 15 years to have this kind of small, offhand 15cm, but the thick member is pride.

But no matter how much I wanted to make love, or I couldn’t even give him a blowjob, he was still my nephew and I think it would not be right, but for a whole month to live with it, also an option.

The night came, Timka was already asleep, and I was busy in the kitchen with the dishes and watched the series. His phone was on the windowsill, and as you understood my curiosity made itself felt.

In fact, I was very surprised at what I found there, he had various communities on the phone about anonymous sex, but having searched in dialogs, I realized that he had not yet succeeded. It was then that I was visited by this brilliant idea at that time.

I registered in the right application, entered the necessary community and found Timka there and subscribed to it. It only remained to wait until he wakes up.

I went to work at the sutra, I do not work very much, because the coach started my activity quite recently, and I have very few groups, so I'm closer to dinner at home.

Having come home the first thing I went to the bath, taking the phone with me, it is time to check how things are in my depraved plan. Timka while usually sat in headphones and scoured in the phone.

He accepted my friend request, I put my photo without a face, but in underwear on my avatar. And just after I entered the bathroom I received a message:

-Hi, you look gorgeous.

-Hi, I try to thank you)

- How do I understand you are not just registered?


- Would you like my baby?)

After this phrase, he naturally sent me a photo of his member, in the picture, by the way, he seemed much more than what I saw.

-Mm, and he is not bad

-How much if you are not a secret?)

- It's not a secret, I'm 25

-I'm 27)

I did not think that in my living room there lay a 27-year-old eighth-grader on the sofa.

-Yes, you're in the juice)

-Do you want to try it?)

-I would not refuse.

As I expected my plan worked, it remained only to guess how everything would go so that he did not recognize me. But he himself solved this problem.

What about GloryHole?


Well, so let's say sex through a hole in the wall.

-And where will you find such a hole?

-TTC ****, tomorrow at 15:00, toilet on the 2nd floor, go to 3 stalls.

-I will be there.

It remained only to wait for tomorrow.

Strangely enough, I didn’t have to go far, the shopping center was literally across the street from my apartment, I told Timka that I went to my friend’s birthday party, and at 14.30 I was on the spot.

The usual toilet cabin, only the walls here rest against the ceiling itself, and the hole in the wall is covered with some kind of wooden block.

Time 15:00

-What are you on the spot?

-Yes, I'm already here

- Take this bar yourself so that I can make sure that it is you.

So I did, and after a moment an excited member appeared in the hole. Yeah, I did it, first of all I thought then.

I sat on the lid of the toilet bowl, and took his penis in my hand. He was much bigger than I thought.

I slowly stroked his penis for about two minutes, I looked at him all, big pink head, she turned me on the most.

Probably he was tired of this fuss, and I heard him knocking on the wall

I took his head in his mouth and began to lick her tongue, I was so pleased in the mouth, it is beyond words. After that, she began to sink lower and lower until her member was completely swallowed. Oddly enough, but it completely fit into my mouth quite loosely.

I really enjoyed treating his dick with my mouth, I would think it could last forever, but I felt his dick begin to throb, I took his head in my mouth, and with my hand at that moment quickly nadrachila him, and now ... Sperm began to flood me mouth, one shot after another, and he already filled my mouth full of this thick and sticky liquid, which I immediately swallowed, did not taste as bad as I thought ....