The next day, at about 2 pm, Arina called me. We talked about how the wedding went, laughed. Then I asked the question, how was the first wedding night? And Arina told me a story that after we left, they came to her house. Entered the apartment together: she, Igor and his friends. And after she, dressed in a dressing-gown, went to the toilet, it all started. Igor just gave her on his first wedding night to friends who had fun with her body all night and all morning. She complained that her whole body aches. And on how Sergey pushed the bottle of vodka into her anus forward. And they did not let her go normally because of need. Even sitting on the toilet, she continued to suck. And how, in the end, when she went to the bath, they came in a crowd and together they pissed her off. She told it with such fatigue that even I could feel it. During the whole night Igor did not touch her. But now, when his friends left, he told her to go around the house naked on all fours, like a dog and to satisfy his every desire. She grinned, telling about the face of a smoking neighbor on the transitional loggia, when she went, to take out the garbage naked. A man looked at her like that, he burned his fingers about a cigarette.
A year has passed. I graduated from college and notified my relatives that I intend to rest my last summer before adult life. I was unable to get to Katin's birthday (in early June) because of my graduation theses, but she received her present on the day of my arrival. I, before getting on the electric train, informed in advance about her arrival in the village. Grandma sent Katya to meet me in a car. I had a lot of things with me and it’s impossible to carry them alone in the heat. When the train reached the station Rastorguevo, my sister was already standing near the ticket office in the shade. She took the laptop from me and we went to the car. The car was parked near the bombed at the shop "Products". Katya was wearing her mini shorts and a gray T-shirt. I quietly from the rest, slapped her on the pope. Kate ignored. In the car, she gave me a coin and asked me to go to the store for beer and pasties.

Having bought what she asked for, I saw her holding my laptop in her car while I was on my feet. Seeing me, she smiled and said:

- Everything. Your tricks are over. Blackmail is nothing more.

I was holding the grocery bag with one hand, and the other patted the pockets.

- And there is nothing more in the phone either - smiling, Kate said, showing my phone in her hand.

“Well, okay,” I replied, without giving any sign of anxiety.

- Now we will come home. You will rest. And tomorrow I will tell my grandmother.

I was lucky. I had time to think of something. I walked near the site and recruited anyone who could help me. But, unfortunately, Igor was busy, Arina was not going to expose her sister. After each failure I was even more nervous. And suddenly an idea. I climbed into a notebook in the phone and quickly began flipping it. Finally found the number I needed! This was the number of Roma. That same man who, with his friends, received Katyusha at a rock concert. I rather dialed his number. After a long conversation, which consisted of reminders and memories, Roma remembered who I am. Only after that, I explained the situation, and recalled that he promised to help if something of a sudden happens of this kind. To which he gladly gave his good and promised to gather all his friends. We agreed to meet tomorrow at the police school and the Mongolian embassy. As far as I remember, there is a manhole in the fence, through which it was possible to get to the territory of the embassy. For a long time nobody protects him. Half of the buildings went to migrant workers residence.

The next morning, I took money from my grandmother, before she left the garden, and, going up to Kate, said:

- Grandma gave the money. She said to go buy a watermelon. Where was the last time you took

- Good. Let's go now - Katya answered dryly and put on her sneakers, took the keys to the car. We got into the car and drove off. Katya was wearing white fabric shorts and a white top. While she was looking at the road, I quickly dialed Roma. I received the answer only in the store, standing in line. He said that he was approaching. Just in case I wrote him the brand of our car and the number. I tried to pull time, behaved very scattered. Katya was annoyed. And in the end she took over all the actions.

"We are here" - send me a text message. I looked around and raised my hand, pretending to be stretching. In response, I was waved by a peasant on the other side of the road. I quietly bent my hand so that he came up. The guy went to us. Katya did not notice him, since she was very busy with the baggage. A peasant and turned out to be Roma. It has aged noticeably. Wrinkles, veins on the hands. Let go of the beard. Going to Kate from behind, he unceremoniously grasped her buttocks with both hands. Katya, enraged by such arrogance, turned around. She did not expect to meet Roma here. From surprise, she was a little frightened, opened her mouth. I stood aside with my arms folded.

Katya froze, not knowing what to do next, but Roma took everything in her hands.

- I was told that you behave badly

Katya looked at me with all severity and malice. And the man continued:

- You know, you could tell if my friend Grisha deleted this record. But no. Luck was on your brother's side today - Roman smiled, and addressed me - Turn on bluetooth.

I turned on the bluetooth and reported my nickname. In a moment, the “Receive File” icon appeared on my screen. I clicked and the download started. And at this time, Roma eagerly examined the little sister, who was no longer so formidable.

- What are we going to do with you? - quietly said Roma. Then the rest of the guys who came with Roma came to our car. Katya was silent and only lowered her head.

- That is to say, squandered? - Roma interrogated her.

- Yes - Katya answered quietly, almost in a whisper. Roma came closer to her and put his hand on her waist.

- Will you work out? - in response to silence. - Hey, brother, we will punish the little sister? Or forgive and let go, anyway, she will not do anything to you anymore.

Kate sent her sad, doomed look at me. I, waiting for the download to finish, checked the files. Then he looked up and replied:

- Let him work out.

- Well. On horses! - Roma announced loudly, and slamming down on Katya's thigh, went to his car. The guys behind him. Having sorted out in three cars, they were waiting for us. I put the remaining bag in the trunk and slamming it, I got into the car. Katya got behind the wheel and silently started the engine, drove onto the road.

To Katya did not go anywhere, Roma drove in front of our car on her Volkswagen, and behind Renault two more cars of his friends. I, smiling in anticipation of what will happen soon, put my warm hand Katie on his leg. She was silent. I didn't even twitch.

- Well? Couldn't pass me? - I grinned. She was silent for a minute, then, swallowing softly, answered.

- Forgive - this is "forgive", she squeezed out of herself through force - Forgive, please. I do not want. Let's go home. Or if you want, let me do what you say. What for? For what?

The voice was heard as Kate is nervous. The voice began to tremble. Just a couple of words and she will cry.

“I just like to watch you fuck,” I said bluntly. Kate weakly struck the steering wheel with her hand and, sniffing, stopped. I got drops from the cold in the glove compartment and gave them to my sister.

- Drop it. You still need your nose - also silently, Katya took the drops and dripped into her nose. Approaching the stele, we turned right. Having passed meter 3, stopped. Katya, unfastening the belt, was sitting in the car, looking forward. Roma left his transport. All the other guys got out. I counted 12 people.

All the guys were as if specially selected. Healthy, tall, muscular, and, moreover, all had tattoos of dragons and warriors. They were dressed differently, but equally open. Roma going to our car, opened the door to Kate. After sitting for a few more seconds, she climbed out. Roma gently took her by the waist and led her along the path into the woods. The path lay exactly along the fence of the embassy. I pulled the keys out of the ignition, and, putting the car on the alarm, I followed. I almost could not see Katya. Her short stature, slim, blocked by the huge backs of the guys.

- Come! - announced Roma. And a column of guys crowded around the passage to the embassy. We sneaked in one by one. The territory was large and not well-groomed. No one was visible. Concrete blocks were scattered across the site. One of which Roma liked. When he led Katya to the block, he forced her onto the concrete block by pushing it onto her shoulder. The guys with smiles and laughter quickly surrounded Katya, taking off their pants. I stood, leaning against a tree, watching them.

- What sat down? Suck, come on - Roma said ominously, shaking his eldu right at Katya's nose. But Kate turned away and looked at me through the gap between the guys, in the hope that I would hang up. Then Roma, bending down, grabbed Kate by the hair and slapped her face, after which he said:

- Do not make me angry. Choose in a good or bad way? - But Kate evil looked at him and said nothing. She continued to sit on, rubbing her cheek.

- In vain - said Roma - Guys, hold her!

The guys standing behind, taking a step forward, grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her back onto the block. Katya started kicking, shouting at the same time: “Freaks! Leave me alone! I will not! I do not want! Creatures! It hurts! ”And so on. And then spreading her leg, she struck Roma right in the stomach. The one from the blow, albeit a weak one, was completely brutalized. With a roar, he flew at her, and clutching his topic with his hands, tore him in one motion. Then he pulled off her shorts. And already not paying attention to her kicking, he crushed her with his carcass, began to kiss. She turned her head, screamed, tried to free her hands. But all did not bring results. The hungry-eyed guys joined Roma, starting to feel Katya. Roma, tearing her bra, grabbed her right nipple with her teeth. She screamed. Her face turned red. Tears flowed from my eyes. And Roma continued to lick and suck her breasts. Then, lifting his head, he asked:

- Did not change your mind?

But Katya ignored his question. And then Roma, taking off his pants completely, sat on her chest. And the guys helped raise Katya's head and hold her. One of them thought of pinching her nose. After some attempts not to breathe, Katya still gave up. And Elda Roma (medium size, about 20 cm) entered her mouth. Now Roma could manage the process himself. Taking hold of her nape, he famously began to fuck her in the throat. It was heard as Katya moaned loudly. Then Grisha, who was throwing off the files for me, went up to her and took dangling legs, sharply and widely parted. He was not disturbed by her panties. He bent over more conveniently, sent a member in her pussy. Already two were raping my older sister. Katya no longer kicked. She only moaned loudly and cried. There were ringing claps on her buttocks, which soon became red.

Roma got off her, but she continued to lie and moan. From the surviving clothes she left only sneakers. I, having stood a little longer, approached Roma.

- Can I take it off?

- Take off on health! - answered Roma. I took out the phone and turned on the camera. Having brought the camera closer to capturing Katie’s face, I discovered that the entire lower part of her face was smeared with sperm and saliva. They flowed down her neck. Cheeks were burning with tears. She lay and breathed heavily with her mouth. Suddenly she lifted her head, her eyes almost climbed out of orbit. And she screamed as if she was being cut. I turned the camera and found that a certain healthy man, with her legs up, began to enter her ass. The dick was so fat, I thought the anus would crack. Katya screamed heartily, until one of the guys plugged him with his dick. And the big man continued to expand and crush my sister's anus.

Soon, when Katya completely gave herself to the situation, the guys sat her down on her knees, and began to take turns to approach and hammer her dicks into her mouth. She only had time to swallow. And what could not, spit on themselves. So soon, all her breasts, stomach, thighs and half of her face were filled with sperm. So again, everyone who just finished, wiped a member of her hair, which also became dirty and sticky. So, serving 12 people with his mouth, Roma ordered her to get up cancer. And again 12 people lined up. I went to the side of the camera to make it more convenient. The first began Roma. He decided to start with the anus. Katya started screaming again. Roma finished it right inside and bypassing gave it into her mouth. So the guys followed each other. Each finished where he wanted - in the ass, on the ass, on the back, on the legs, thighs, face, mouth. But Philip is the only one who finished on her head and smeared it in her hair. I went with the camera to her pope. The hole in the bottom was huge and a white liquid flowed from it.

Roma, leaving us, ordered Kate to carry out the orders of the guys. Left alone without a commander, the guys relaxed. Philip lay on his back, on the next slab and sat Kate on top. She climbed on the dick and started jumping. Then the guys forced her to kiss her feet, penises. And some even sat ass on her face, and when she licked their anus, farting. Generally happy as small children. And humiliated Kate, grimacing, sniffing, fulfilled their desires. Finally, plenty of fun, left the poor thing alone. She lay down on the stove and tucked her legs under herself.

Roma returned with a box.

- What's this? - I asked.

- A box of happiness. Or a box of punishment. For whom, how - answered Roma - Drag her here!

The guys grabbed Kate and dragged her to Roma. He pulled out of the box two huge black phalluses. They were both 28 cm long.

- Bend down - ordered Roma. Katya dutifully bent down. Roma, put two phallus in her ass and pussy.

- Straighten up! - Kate straightened. - Now go ahead

Katya took a few steps, but the phalluses were so disturbing that a drunken gait turned out. At the same time, she made every step, along with a sniff and a quiet "ah."

- Well. So now we’ll go back to the cars. There I will give you clothes. Your size And these phalluses do not pull out until tomorrow. Do you understand?

- I have a husband.

- Well, then you will sleep today in another place. And if you want, you can go with me

“No,” Katya answered quietly.

- What is it? Did not like? Can repeat? - Katya wanted to say “no need”, when Roma suddenly learned, already standing member and poked it in her mouth.

She took it. Having swallowed it completely, she began to stick her mouth on her dick herself, holding Roma's hips. Roma was not long in coming. And Katya swallowed the last portion of sperm.

- Let's go! - Roma commanded.

We headed back to the cars. Katya was completely naked under the escort of guys. At the cars, Roma threw her clothes. It was a mini skirt of a delicate pale pink color, in which it is better not to sit down and not bend over. Another white transparent T-shirt with the words Kazantip on the back. Her transparency was enough to make out Katya's two nipples.

- The final touch! - remembered Roma. Approaching Katya, he rudely rubbed her crotch with his hand. And very quickly panties soaked. He forced to remove them from her, and then ordered to lick. Katya obeyed.

- bend down

Katya bent down, putting her hands on her knees. Roman got his wife's red lipstick out of the glove compartment and started writing something on Katya's pope. I went to look. Nothing special he wrote. On the buttocks, the word "whore" was flashing red. Then the same lipstick anointed her sexual lips. Well, after, he gave her to anointed her lips.

We said goodbye in our cars. Katya quickly went behind the wheel. She wanted to wash the shame away under the shower. But I was in no hurry to go home.

- Come out - I said.

- What for?

- Come out!

Katya got out of the car. In this outfit, she really looked like a whore. Although after she served the crowd of men, she is a whore.

- Come, let's go.

We went back along the same path. But already past the manhole. My path lay in the garages. Approaching the garages, I noticed a relaxing campaign. Vodka, grill, meat and 5 men. Then I turned to Kate and told her to go to them and ask for a cigarette. Apparently in time for sex, her brain was completely turned off. I leaned back against the garage and began to count. Not having time to count to 10, as past the garage, where I was standing, sneakers connected by laces flew by. I sighed and looked out. The men mobbed into the garage. The last bull closed the door behind him.

- Guys! Fuck the whore! - A voice came from the garage.

- Not!!! - cried Katya loudly.

As I did not run around the garage, but did not find a single hole. The garage was well renovated. Then I went behind him and crouched, and began to stupidly listen to the groans behind the wall. Rzhach men, claps, screaming, yelling, mooing, creak.

It took about an hour. During this hour, I reviewed the video captured today. And he didn’t even notice how silence fell. Suddenly I saw that Kate was walking along the path back to the car, slowly, shifting from one foot to the other. In one hand she held a pack of cigarettes, and in the second her T-shirt. I jumped over the trash with long jumps. She turned and handed me a cigarette. Her face was filled with sperm. One eye is closed. Her whole body was red.

- What's up with a t-shirt?

“Whole,” she whispered.

- Wear it then

She wore a T-shirt. Only when she turned her back on me did I notice the inscription. It was written with a marker between the shoulder blades “I give everything for free!”.

We got to the car and drove to the house. I unloaded the bags. And Kate went to the shower. She thrashed there for a very long time, washing the inscription from the back.

Closer to the night I was lying upstairs getting ready for bed, when suddenly steps were heard on the stairs. I looked up from the laptop. Katya entered the room in her nightly pajamas.

“I’ll be sleeping tonight,” she said, sorting out the bed next to her. I turned sideways to face her, and when she stooped to straighten the sheet, I pulled off her pants with one hand. From the priests and the manda stuck two phallus.

- Good girl - I said - Do not mow more.