Literally in two weeks, I receive a text message from Arina, in which she happily announces a divorce from Andrey, and a quick wedding with Igor. I shared this news with everyone else. Absolutely not surprised, Katya remained. Later, Arina announced that the wedding was scheduled for the 20th of August and only young people were invited there.

August 19, I went to Arina's home with Katya. She gave us tea and ran to dress in a wedding dress to show it to us. Soon she appeared in front of us in a very open, translucent white dress. The dress did not have straps, it tightened like a corset from the back. Because of this, Arina’s breasts were almost completely out, and only two or four centimeters of tissue concealed her nipples. The dress covered her tummy, and the hem of the dress was at the knee level. Moreover, it was this part of the dress that was transparent, letting everyone see her legs in white stockings, right up to the buttocks themselves. We had no words. Katya only two minutes later, she was able to swallow tea.

- Cool - I said, breaking the silence.

- I think so too. Igor bought it for me - Arina praised.

- I did not even doubt it.

- And who will call for the wedding? - asked Kate.

- For my part you will, my friend Rita, Aunt Alice. And with his Sergey and another person 6 of his friends. And that's all.

While she was talking, I walked around Arina from behind, and, taking her chest, pressed his lips to her neck:

- I'm happy for you sis!

- Thank you dear - she replied.

- Come on, I'll help you take it off - Katya said, and they retired to her room. I finished my tea. Put the dishes in the sink. I went to the toilet. Passing back behind the room door, I heard quiet moans. I could not pass by, and looked to see. Katya was lying naked on the bed with her eyes closed and sighed languidly. And Arina, kneeling on the edge of the bed, bent low, pulling Katina's vagina with her finger, and she penetrated into it with her tongue. Aroused, I tiptoed over to Arina from behind, and, throwing back the hem of a dress that she never took off, ran her hand over her white panties. Without being distracted, she took hold of the edges of her panties and lowered them to her knees. I jerked off a member, got comfortable and began to enter it into the vagina. Arina also rolled her eyes, but continued to lick Kati's pussy. I increased the pace. Arina spread her legs wider. Kate opened her eyes and smiled sweetly when she saw me. Then, putting her hand on Arina’s head, lifting herself up, she began to drive her crotch across her lips, touching her nose. I loudly slapped Arina on the pope, to which she squeaked. The place of the cotton immediately turned red. Finally, when Katya finished, with a loud: “aaaaaaaaaaaah”, she crawled away. I, taking Arina by the arms, wrung them behind my back, and with her fell on the bed. From landing, my dick flew into her to the eggs. Arina screamed loudly. But now it was easier to fuck her. And due to which I increased the pace even more. All her soft, plump body shook. The mouth almost did not close. And Kate, watching us, masturbated. Finally, under the loud: "AI!" I pulled out a member and finished on her buns. Then put on his pants sat next to Kate. Arina, having wiped the sperm flowing down her buttocks, sent her into her mouth and sat down beside her.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Arina quickly pulled on her pants, went to wear. Katya, too, was not slow, got dressed, and straightened the bed.

- Who's there? - Arina asked, and, waiting for an answer, opened. There were steps. But no one returned to the room. Then came the sound of glasses in the kitchen. We decided not to go out yet. No voices were heard. But behind the sound of glasses, there was a new sound - the creak of the table legs. Kate became interested, no less than me. And she first volunteered to go see. I stayed in the room. Suddenly, Katya squeaked, and then scuffling and lowing. Now I could not stand it. But, not having had time to reach the door, as it swung open, and I was seized by a strong man's hand. A man dragged me to the chair. I hit it in the jaw, and until I understood what was going on, I quickly wrapped some rope around me.

- Pick, kill - he threatened me. Then he left the room, but not for long. Soon the fussing began. And the fuss was approaching. The first one flew into Arina’s room and fell on the bed with a scream. Behind her flew Katya, but fell to the floor. Three men entered the room. Among those whom I recognized Andrew - the ex-husband of Arina.

He came up to her, grabbed Arina by the hair, and with a smacking blow on the cheek, let go. She fell into bed with tears. At that time, Arina was already wearing only panties and white stockings. And Katia in white trousers with a belt from Dolcea and gabbana, with a translucent blouse in white peas.

- Have fun - evil threw Andrew and left. One immediately grabbed Kate, and began to pull off her pants. And the second, lifted up Arina’s legs and spreading it apart in different directions, lay down on top. Screams were the sea. The man lying on Arina began furiously fucking her with all the dope. She screamed. Tried to fend off the rapist. But from futility, just screamed and howled. In the meantime, he was roughly squeezing her big breasts. And even managed to tear one stocking. Then, moving closer to her mouth, he sat on her chest. Taking her hair, began to fuck her in the mouth. She moaned and tried to turn away. But then she received voiced slaps.

Katya was mounted on a member, and she had no choice but to jump on it herself. I looked behind them, with hungry eyes. When the peasant Katya was tired of jumping on his penis, he rudely threw her to the floor, and he himself, a little bit saddened, attached himself to Arina. Now she was fucked in two trunks. Kate was lying on the floor and sobbing, with her legs tucked under herself. But worst of all went to Arina. The dork who was sitting on her breast suddenly rose, and sat on her face with an asshole, and at the same time began to fuck her between tits. Arina gave up and began to lick the male anus. This was understandable by a male moan. And the one who fucked her between her legs, took out his penis and came to Kate finished on her head, smearing cumming over her hair. Then put on his pants and went to the kitchen. Soon came the second man. Tears from Arina and also disappeared behind the door. And after about 10 minutes, the front door slammed and silence fell. Kate slowly rose, and helped me to unravel. I immediately grabbed the phone and typed Igor, gave the phone to Katie. And he went to the lying and humiliated Arina. She was crying softly. I helped her get to the bath. Turned on the water in the shower. I rolled it with cool water. And washcloth erased traces of sperm from it. All this time she was silent and only sobbing from time to time.

Later, Katya reported that Igor would deal with him like a man. We decided to leave Arina alone, and when Katya got out of the shower, we left.

In the evening Arina called me and said that Igor had figured out everything. Also added that the wedding will be walking in a country cafe near Leninskaya station. And so I came to her tomorrow morning with Katya. I gave the go-ahead and hung up.

The next morning, I dressed for the front. Black pants, black jacket, white shirt and tie. Katya put on her new dress in black and white striped with a zipper on her back without straps and shoes with heels. We got into the car, drove to the house of Arina. The new Katino dress was short. And when she sat, then if you bend down a bit, you could see her black panties. Therefore, she had to constantly pull it up. While we were standing in a traffic jam on the highway, I had already managed to bring Katya to orgasm with my fingers a couple of times. Panties were thong. Having reached her house, we went up to the third floor. I walked in front. Between the second and third floor, there was a campaign of four people in slippers and smoked. Apparently, they were already drunk. I passed by them, but Katya did not have time just to slip through. I heard a ringing clap. Then Katya’s loud stern voice: “Hands are removed!”.

Calling the apartment, we opened Arina. She led us into the kitchen. We began to wait for Igor to appear. According to Arina, the wait is not long. He sent Seryoga for aunt Alice. And Arina's girlfriend Rita, will be brought by the second friend of Igor Dima. Arina was wearing her wedding dress. Katya looked out the window. I sat next to Arina. It was boring to sit.

I got up, walked around the kitchen, and turned away from Arina, unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Then sharply spun, turned to her. She smiled sweetly, and taking my hand with her hand, began to masturbate. Kate looked at us and smiled, continued observation. Arina, leaning forward, ran her tongue over the penis. Then she began to suck. Slowly, gently. After that, jerking more, brought me to orgasm, and I finished on her chest. She got up and went to the bath. But my excitement did not pass. As soon as she was gone, I approached Kate from behind, and lifted the hem of her dress. Her buns were so neat, and between them was a little thread from the string. Katya did not turn. Then I put my hand on her back, slightly pressed. She obediently leaned over, leaning her hands on the window sill. Now I pushed aside the thread, and entered her pussy. Katya gasped. I began to slowly introduce and output my penis. And Katya continued to gasp and look out the window. It was not long. Soon I pulled out a member and finished on her ass.

Soon, Katya's voice rang out:

- Had arrived!

Arina looked out the window with me. Igor was all white and in his car. Arina dressed heels, grabbed a bouquet of flowers, gave us the keys and ran into the street. We closed the windows, turned off the electricity and gas, followed and closed the door. I ran down, leaving Katya alone with a bunch of keys.

We already got into the car. And they waited only for Katya. But she still did not leave.

- Hey, hurry her - said Igor, hugging Arina. I ran back to the porch. I found it quickly. She was sandwiched by that campaign between floors. And while we were waiting for her, they already had time to properly scout her inside and chest with their own hands. With a sharp movement, I pulled her out of their arms, then punched one of them in the eye. Those distracted, and we ran down. Along the way, Kate pulled off her dress.

Finally everything is assembled. Igor started the engine, and we went to the registry office. Near the registry office, Seryoga and aunt Alice were already waiting for us. More precisely, as expected. They were sitting in the back of a gray jeeps. Seryoga smoked out the window, and Alice, kneeling on the seat, bent over, sucked his dick. When they got out, they came to greet us. On the aunt was a black pencil skirt to the knees, black stockings, black high-heeled shoes, on top a shirt and a black vest. Seryoga was dressed almost like me. Only instead of a bow tie.

In the registry office, and on the way from the registry office there was nothing interesting. Only when we drove up to the cafe, Rita and four more young people came out to meet us. Among them was the Negro. Negro politely gave a hand to Arina. The rest took care of Kate and Aunt Alice. Igor introduced us to his friends - Dima, Tole, Kohl, Misha and Edward. Edward was the Negro. They were all smart.

Toastmaster and competitions were not, as such. Entertainment came up on the go. First there was dancing. After dancing Arina threw a bouquet. I did not attend. I drank. Then dance the bride and groom. It seems to be going as it should be at the wedding, until Igor, who was pretty drunk, announced the first contest.

- Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask to bring the pool into the hall!

Employees in this cafe brought a pool of 4 meters in diameter. And it was immediately filled with plain water.

- Competition for the female! Who will win - he will get the keys to the car that is parked behind the cafe! Well, the losers themselves will see what will happen.
Rita, Katya, Aunt Alice and Arina lined up in one line by the pool. Igor told the rules:

- The main goal is to overcome an opponent. But as? It does not matter. The main thing without bloodshed! Is everyone ready? Then undress and go!

Girls undressed to their underwear. And the first climbed Arina and Kate. The fight ended without even starting. Arina just crushed her with her weight. The next couple are Aunt Alice and Rita. There was no fight here either. Alice quickly pushed Rita. Now the final - the winners come to the fight. Arina against Alice. After Igor gave the go-ahead, they clung to each other's shoulders and began to try to knock each other down. And then Arina went to the assault. Approaching the support, she pushed Alice's panties to the side with her hand and penetrated with three fingers. Alice screamed and answered the same. Breaking out of the arms of Arina, Alice crawled past her and clasped her back to the bottom of the pool. Then she lay on top of her. Arina lost the fight.

The girls were given towels. Igor, summing up, announced:

- The winner was Alice !! Here are the keys, get dressed, Edward will show you the car!

Aunt Alice quickly dressed, and they, along with the black man, left the cafe. I also became curious about what kind of car it was. And in the confusion I ran after them. Going around the building, I looked around the corner. Near the black passage stood Mazda with a folding roof. But this is not the most important thing. Most importantly, I saw Alice curled over the hood, who had her skirt pulled up, and Edward was fiercely grilling her. She moaned, scratching the paint of the car, with her manicured claws. Edward held her by the collar of his shirt. The first four buttons were unbuttoned, and a breast in her bra was sticking out of them. Stockings were torn. Edward snuffled. Then he turned her face to himself, spread her legs and continued her process. Alice looked him straight in the eyes. She did not want to stop. Hands clung to his shoulders. In the end, she got on her knees, and, taking his penis, began to furiously masturbate, and then took in her mouth.

I went back to the cafe. Played music. Arina and her friend Rita danced along with Igor's friends. Rita was a slim brunette. Chest second size. 28 years. She was wearing high-heeled shoes, pantyhose and a scarlet dress with a black belt. There was a tiara in her hair. Arina, slightly drunk, danced barefoot, leaving her shoes aside. The guys fluttered around them. I sat next to Igor in the place of the witness. Igor was very pleased. But later I found out why. He, calling me, with a smile, lifted the edge of the tablecloth. Under her, Katyusha was kneeling and wandering lips over his penis. Then he covered it back with a tablecloth, leaned back in his chair and groaned, went limp. Katya crawled out from under the table, wiping her mouth, and sat next to him at the place of the bride. Soon, Edward returned. But somehow one.

- Where's mom? - Kate asked when the Negro sat down next to her.

- She's a little busy outside.

At Katya's request, I went to see where she was. Out on the street, I returned to my patrol position. Aunt Alice was still in the same place near the car. She squatted, legs apart, exposing their sexual lips. And there were five unknown guys spinning around her. Having photographed her, I did not report to Kate, but simply said that everything was fine. Then Igor got up and announced:

- Competition number 2!

The music is over. And everyone looked at the groom carefully. And he, taking a bandage, went up to Arina and tied it in front of the bride. While Arina was in ignorance, 4 wooden walls with special cutouts for hookers were brought into the hall. The guys, taking off his pants, took their walls. Among them was Igor. And besides Igor there were Tolya, Misha and Seryozha. Edward has become the new host of the competition. He carefully brought Arina to the first dick and announced:

- Now Arina, blindfolded, should determine which of the four dickheads belongs to the groom!

Arina, covering her face with her hands, laughed. Edward helped her grope the first member. And she began to study it. All watched as she studied one dick after another. Pens, mouth, tongue, by smell. And at the end announced:

- This!!

But, unfortunately, she was wrong. It turned out to be a member of Sergei. Igor, wearing pants, announced:

- For the fact that you did not guess my dick, should be punished!

Arina, with her head and hands down, waited for the verdict. But the sentence was never voiced. Igor, having drunk considerably, could not connect words.
In general, the wedding was held with rich fun and debauchery. Already at the end, I was sitting with Igor, at the place of the bride and finishing off the last bottle of Scotch whiskey. Our shirts were unbuttoned, jackets shabby. The girls continued to have fun, delighting Igor's friends with dancing on the tables. They took turns walking along the tables, giving everyone a peek under their skirts. Someone just tired, admiring their crotch. And who had more strength - stretched his arms to touch the legs, or touch the panties with his finger.

Finally, the time of the wedding celebration is over. Igor called and called two taxi cars for me, Kati, Alice and Rita. And he himself and Arina and friends called and waited for the arrival of a limousine. Saying goodbye at the exit of the cafe, we sat down in cars. I sat in the back of a taxi, leaning on the glass. Near the village aunt Alice. And next to the driver Katya.

- Hello! - the driver said with a sincere smile - Do not worry, Igor Nikolayevich told where to go.

- Thank you - Katya gave up tiredly and went limp on the seat.

We were driving in the evening city. I looked at one point. Past flew cars, buses. Urban bustle went to zero. Having passed through the ring, the driver said that it was easier to drive through Bulatnikovo than to hang around in a traffic jam on Lipetskaya street. We did not argue with him, we were on the drum.

As it turned out, he was winding circles, knowing that we still do not follow the road. During this time, he first drove into the city, smashed there, and only then went along Varshavka to West Biryulyovo and from there drove the Moscow Ring Road and drove towards Bulatnikovo.

Driving past the stables, the driver for some reason turned on the emergency light and drove to the side of the road.

- Why did we stop? - quietly, rubbing her forehead, asked Aunt Alice.

- It's time to advance. The new rule, to take the first part of the fare, before reaching the destination - the driver said.
Alice opened her purse, took out her purse and asked:

- How many?

- 500 rubles

- How many??? Why so much ?? I have only 300. Cate! Look at yourself

Katya is tired, opened her purse. And said:

- I don't have one at all.

- Do not worry ladies! Igor Nikolaevich gave me instructions in this case.

After that, he, unfastened, got out of the car. I walked around in front of it and opened Katie’s door, unfastened it too.

- What are you doing? - asked Alice. But in response, silence. The taxi driver, by force, pulled Katya by the hand, pulling her out of the car. She almost did not resist. Only in a drunken stupor she talked with her legs, and waved her free hand. This played a benefit to the driver. He dragged her into the bushes. And soon Katina's cowards flew out from there, who, not reaching the ground, hung on the branches. Alice, not understanding what was happening, jumped out of the car and ran after them. I am left alone. With indignant shouts: “What are you? Release my daughter! I'll call the cops now! ”Alice made her way through the branches of the bushes. As soon as she disappeared, the cries of indignation were replaced by a plea: “Ay! Do not! Let us go! Painfully! Ay !! Aaaaa. Then the screams broke off. And silence.

I almost fell asleep. Alcohol forced me to close my eyes. Finally the bushes began to move, and Aunt Alice came out in an open shirt with hanging tits and a skirt to the very end. She slowly shifted from foot to foot. Reaching the car, she grabbed the trunk with her hand and, leaning, reached the door. Opening the door, she collapsed in her seat, catching her breath. I caught a glimpse of her. She slowly fastened the button on the shirt surviving buttons. On her hair hung dry leaves and all sorts of chips. Hands were shaking. On the chin the remainder of the seminal fluid. But she did not cry. A taxi driver followed, carrying Katya in her arms unconscious. Having sat her on a seat and having fastened, I returned for a wheel. Katya was not at her best. Hair tousled, dirty, in wood chips. The dress is torn. Panties remained hanging on the bushes. And on her face was smeared with cum mixed with mascara and saliva.

We drove on. Remained quite a bit. We drove in silence. Katya did not regain consciousness. And only when they reached the house, the taxi driver put out the headlights and turned to Kate, patted her cheeks. It was enough for her to open her eyes.

- We arrived - said the driver. Alisa, with trembling hands, gave him 300 rubles.

- It is not necessary - the taxi driver waved it off, after which, he helped Katya to unfasten the seat belt. But Katya did not have time to get out of the car. The taxi driver, putting his hand on her shoulder, sat back down.

- Boy, go out, have a smoke - he said to me. I obediently left the car. He stepped aside in silence and waited. I saw the driver, with one hand bent Kati’s head at his feet. And her head began to slowly rise and fall, bringing pleasure to the taxi driver. Movement intensified. And soon Katya’s head didn’t rise at all. After that, the door opened and Katya got out of it, wiping her chin with her hands, then licked them. She came to me and stood beside me. I gave her my jacket. The taxi driver got out of the car and, going to the back door, opened it. Climbing inside, the door slammed shut again. At first nothing happened. But soon, the car began to sink and climb a little. I silently, smoking a cigarette, walked around the back of the car. Because of the dark and tinted glass, little was visible. The only thing that Alice, two hands pressed into the glass, as if trying to squeeze it.

Even after that, Alice never got out of the car. Katya began to freeze. Alcohol stopped warming her body, and I, waving to her, went into the house. Everyone was asleep. I dragged water for a shower. Brought Kate new clothes. And he sent her to wash, having warned in advance that the bucket should be enough for two. And he went to his second floor to sleep.

Turning on the laptop in one social network, I got a message from Igor. "In vain you did not go with us" and a licking smiley. I liked his new avatar from the wedding, where he, smiling, standing behind Arina, squeezing her bust with his hands.