I could not sleep half the night. Tossing and turning. Finally, unable to stand, at about 4 am, I got up and closed the door to the room with two locks. Returning to the beds, I lowered the pants and, standing over my sister, began to masturbate. She slept soundly. Since childhood, I remembered that at night you will not wake her tank. What I decided to use. But it seemed to me a little jerkiness, and I, bending and leaning my hand on the headboard of Katya, began to drive my dick over her lips. I was very nervous and finally finished. I walked away from my sister. My sperm flowed across her lips down the left cheek. I went to bed again and tried to switch to something else. And cheers, after thirty minutes of tumbling from side to side, I dozed off.

When I woke up, the sun was already shining on the street. I took the phone. The time was about 12 and already 2 missed calls. I looked at the call log. As it turned out, Roma and Igor called. Put the phone aside. Katie's bed was already made. And on the bedspread lay two phallus. I put on a T-shirt and breeches and went downstairs to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Katya sat at the table with Natasha, and looked at the photos on the tablet. Natasha, this is her childhood friend. Medium height (meter seventy possible), brunette with long hair. The chest is exactly the second size. She was wearing a black evening dress with bare shoulders and a deep neckline. The hem of the dress barely covered his knees. On the legs stockings of color and high-heeled shoes.

Natasha, after graduating from school, went to college for a linguist. After graduation, she moved to live in Japan, and then to France, where she lived for 3 years. There she worked as a guide for Russian tourists. Ibid married there and gave birth to a girl, calling her Mary. Before returning home, she left her daughter with her husband and mother-in-law. From childbirth, she recovered slightly. A tummy appeared, and the thighs slightly increased.

I thought, called Katya on the street for a few words. That, leaving the tablet, went after me. Moving away to a safe distance, I turned and said:

- Katyusha, and let's fuck Natasha?

- You are nuts?? Do you want - fuck. I will not.

- You will. Otherwise, fuck you both Roma. Choose you or Roma

Katya was silent in deep thought. Or just trying to find a way out of the situation. I didn’t come up with anything in my way, I answered that I agreed.

- Well. Phalluses where you lie. You can fuck on my bed. What got up? Come on! Gone!

Katya turned around and immediately got a slap on the pope. Rubbing her ass, she slowly approached the house and soon disappeared through the door. In the window it was clear how she approached Natasha, said something, and they both went upstairs.

I walked barefoot behind, preparing the camera. Coming up to the stairs leading to the second floor, from there came the voice of Natasha: “Cach! What are you doing? Do not". I tiptoed to the top, including the front camera. Immediately behind the door to the room to the left is a wardrobe. Next to him, I sat down. Nobody will see me here. I carefully leaned the phone against the standing trash. And while the recording was going on, I was watching what was happening through the sensor.

Katya, completely naked, was kneeling at the edge of the bed, and Natasha's legs hung from her shoulders. Katya very carefully licked her friend's pussy. Therefore, the room could only hear the ticking of the clock and Natasha's heavy breathing. Katya did not change position for about seven minutes. I even paused the recording. But finally, Katya rose and stepped aside. Natasha lay quietly on the bed in the same dress. The only thing her panties lay on the side. Sis, taking one of the phalluses, turned to Natasha and said:

- Have fun?

Natasha, seeing a 30-centimeter black phallus in Katya's hand, rose. Now I could see her tits hanging down from the dress. Katya sat next to her and, hugging her friend, leaned the head of the phallus on her lips. Natasha smiled and took it in her mouth. She already liked what was happening. While Natasha diligently licked a rubber member, Katya, leaning over her chest, began to caress her nipples with her tongue. My dick stood like a bayonet. When the phallus was wet enough, Katya turned around to face me and spread her leg over her head. This was the 69th pose. Natasha took her hands on her hips and apparently began to lick, because, her sister's eyes periodically closed, and she opened her mouth. At the same time, Katya, without slowing down the tempo, introduced the phallus into Natasha's cave. Often came the light and easy "Ah" by Natasha. Kate tried very hard to make Natasha like it, and therefore she sometimes leaned over her pussy and licked her juices.

Natasha's groans increased, as did Katy’s pace. Finally, Natasha, leaning her feet against the edge of the bed, raised herself up and screamed. Kate took the phallus out of her hole, and, turning back to her friend's face, gave her to lick the phallus. Natasha, in response, extended her two wet fingers to Katy. Later, putting aside the phallus, they merged into a passionate kiss.

I would have admired all this, but my back was already numb. I stopped recording and began to descend. In the kitchen, I found Igor and Roma. They sat across from each other and exchanged videos on how they squeeze my sisters. Seeing me, Igor said:

“Sorry without warning.” Are you alone?

- Not. And why are you alone? Where is Arina?

- She will come soon. Expressed desire to walk.

- I see. And why are you rum here?

- Why, I thought, Katya to visit. I brought gifts. Almost a whole set for bdsm. And where is Katya?

- She's upstairs. With my girlfriend Natasha amused - I said, and gave a look at the recorded video. While the guys were watching, I told everything that I knew about Natasha.

- And send to them! - Igor jumped up and headed for the stairs. Roma followed. I wanted to stop them, but something stopped me. I climbed behind the guys in the room. Katya and Natasha, embracing, slept. Action Plan Igor and Roma discussed gestures. And they came to the order to carefully separate them, put on two beds and tie.

They took about 10 minutes with this. It looked quite comical. Tying them both, Roma took out the scotch and shook his mouth to the girls. Then barely audible clapping each other's hands, Igor took the bed with Katya, and Roma and Natasha.

Suddenly, on the street, steps were heard along the house. The guys looked at me. And I immediately ran down. When I went downstairs, Arina hosted in the kitchen. She was wearing a blue sundress, shoes and a cap.

- Hello! How did you get?

- ABOUT! Hello! Fine.

“Well, I see that,” I grinned, pointing a finger at her cheek, where there was a white drop of dried fluid. She sank, wiped.

- Where is Igor?

- Upstairs. With Roma. Little girls rod.

- What kind of Roma? What kind of girls?

“You will meet Roma later.” Perhaps even very close. They are there with Katya and Natasha, her friend from France. You better tell me how much and where?

Arina already knew this question, so it was not worth explaining.

- Near the station on the alley with three drunks. In the store with the seller - not enough for cigarettes. Then, on Victory, it was 4 times. Under the bridge with three at once. And that's all.

- Not. Not everything - I smiled.

- And what else?

But instead of answering, I took her outside, grabbing the gandon, brought her to the gazebo, and, raising her, hemmed the sundress to her boobs, took out the penis. I picked up her legs armpits and with one hand began to drive a member of her cave, pressing hard. When my head penetrated inside, Arina slightly opened her mouth, and our eyes met. Her eyes burned with desire fire. Despite how much she had already been fucked in the morning, she was still hungry. Her gaze excited me. I fucked her, never turning my eyes away and almost blinking. Her chest jumped up and down. And not only chest. The tummy, legs and hands were shaking like jelly.

Only when my sperm was already draining from her mouth, I noticed that she was without panties. Arina explained that Igor forbade her to wear underwear. Type so less trouble. Like, walked, bent and fucked. While I was fucking Arink, I completely forgot about the girls.

“We have to go see,” I said.

- I'm with you!

- Not. You take off your sundress and sunbathe for now.

Arina stayed where she was, and I went down to the kitchen. Climbing up to the first floor, it didn’t immediately come to me that the girls' moans were already heard here, not upstairs. I first decided to go to the bedroom to Kate.

As expected, there was sex, but Kati was not. Not reaching the bed, Roma fought from behind Natasha. Strange, but there was no "Let go" and other things. Instead, Natasha very often breathed through her mouth. She did not try to fight back, and did not remove his hand when Roma brazenly squeezed and crushed her chest. She was no longer wearing a dress. She clutched a green rug in her hands. On the pope there were traces of male hands. I found Katya with Igor in the far main room. She is in the pose of a rider, jumping and squirming on the fuck. And Igor, stretching his arms, squeezed her swollen nipples.

After making sure that everything is normal, I went outside. Arina was sitting on a folding chair, in the sun and gently playing with her pussy. There were glasses on the eyes and hardly the eyes were open. I approached her from behind and started jerking off. I finished on her face. Cum lightly spattered her glasses and nose. Most of it flew to her chest.

Then the door opened from the kitchen, and Roma went out first. Behind him, holding his hair, he led Natasha. She walked very obediently. And when he stopped, she immediately sat on her knees next to him. Similarly, Igor came out with Katya.

- Romych, meet, this is my wife Arina! - Igor pointed to my sister.

- A good woman - evaluating, said Roma.

- A real whore! - Igor answered proudly.

I walked over to Natasha, and, circling her around, examined her charms closer. It was a dream of my childhood. And finally, she turned. Before me she stood on her knees, absolutely naked. Taking her hand, I took me to the chair. Sitting in a chair, I spread my legs as best I could. Natasha sat on her knees between them, and I pulled out a member. I didn't have to say anything. Natasha herself took him in her hand and began to masturbate. Then, carefully removed my eggs from my pants, and began to suck one egg. I threw back my head and closed my eyes. Sucking, she tongue ran up the dick, and clasped the head with her lips. At the time of suction, she reached the maximum in the middle of the penis, so again I had to take everything into my own hands. Putting my hand on her head, I pressed on her. Natasha's breathing became intermittent. I felt like drooling over my balls, but I didn’t let go of my head. Then her hands tightly clenched in my legs. Smile, I let her go. She collapsed, coughing and grunting to the side. Her whole face was red. I leaned over to her and three times strongly slapped her hand on the ass.

“Do you guys need her anymore?” - I asked.

- Not yet!

Then I laid her on her back, and, standing over her, began to piss. Her face wrinkled from the warm urine that I watered her. Then he leaned toward Natasha and said:

- Now go to the shower. About everything that was not a word to anyone. So say, welcome to the club perverts. If you pick someone, not only your family, but the whole village and the Internet will know what a whore you are. Clear?

After 2 hours we just sat in the gazebo and drank tea. Natasha asked Katya and Arina how they got into this nightmare. Kate told how she frolicked with Roma and his campaign at a rock concert near Luzhniki, after which Roma threw off a video to me, and I started blackmailing her. Arina told how at first the residents of the CIS let her in a circle on the lake, then, how to repair Igor's car. Then Kate also told about her mother - Aunt Alice. As we gave them to a large group of men, after which we were led naked through the village, selling like whores to passersby. Natasha was in complete shock. I noticed her reaction, and grinning, he said:

- Girls, the time is already late, do not want to walk to the store? He seems to be around the clock.

- Come on - said Arina.

We got up from the table, and went with a string to the gate. The last was Roma. I was the first. For me, Arina, Igor, Kate, Natasha. Roma did not lose a second so as not to touch Natasha. Why did they slow down a bit? Walking along a dark street, past the meadow, as Roma called us.

- You go, and I, apparently, found the client! - we turned in the direction where Roma was pointing. There, behind the clearing, stood three young guys, pretty drunk.

- Okay. Go! - I allowed. We moved on, and Roma led Natasha to the guys. I only once turned to look. Roma was talking about something with one of them, when the second boy, already with impertinence, brazenly pawed Natasha's juicy chest.

We're back home. And in about 20 minutes, Roma came.

- Where is Natasha? - asked Kate.

- And she went home. I'm tired.

- I see. I think it’s time for us to break up, I said.

- I can throw you up! - Igor announced, turning to Roma. He thanked him. And the three of them went to the car. I went with Katya to see off. We got up at the gate. The guys, sitting in the car, gave us up, and rushed along the road.

- Katyusha, wish me good night - smiling, I asked. To which Kate sighed heavily, she took me by the hand under the hazel branch, where she knelt and let down my pants. She could already own a member professionally. Our "lessons" were not in vain. Kate did it very nicely, intensively, and without touching the trunk of the penis at all. I felt all the warmth and tenderness in her bottomless throat. Bliss rolled on me, that without warning, I let my hot liquid into it. I took out my penis, and as if with a baton, hit them in the face with it, leaving behind me a wet mark.

Katya, shaking herself off, went home, I took a cigarette out of my pocket, sat down on the nearby lying, rotten birch trunk. I sat in the shade, and I would not be visible to the common man, without a lantern. Suddenly, I noticed Natasha moving along the road. She walked in a shabby dress, her hair hung like rags. She had difficulty rearranging her legs. Looked very rumpled. Passing by me, I called her.

- Hey! Natasha!

She stopped and turned around. I stepped aside, giving her a place. But she refused to sit down, but only came closer.

- And Roma said you went home, sort of tired

- Yeah. Gone. Only to them, not to myself. It's horrible. Seven sweaty, stinking alcohol men. Everything hurts me now. Hardly I go.

- Fine. All went through it.

- No, it's not normal!

- Take it easy! - I barked - Well, get on your knees! Alive!

As soon as she got on her knees, I immediately pulled a member out of my pants, from which a powerful jet instantly splashed. I moved the member up and down, wetting Natasha's entire face and chest. Then put the head on her lips.

- Kiss!

Natasha, with trembling lips, kissed the member.

- Good girl! Now get in your way home! And you will whine, you will be my toilet, okay?

Natasha nodded, and, rising, trudged along the road. I, having overtaken her, slapped her ass with all my might. And then, like luck, two guys were returning from the Bulatnikovskoye Lake. Natasha did not see them, and I noticed, called them, and raising the hem of Natasha’s dress, exposing her red ass, asked:

- How do you?

The guys looked at each other cheerfully and raised their thumbs up.

- Well, you can use it! - I said approvingly. Natasha looked at me with piteous, tired eyes. And the guys came up to her, led her into the bushes. From whence soon began to come moans and lowing, along with the crunch of branches. I did not wait for the final. Went to sleep