So, in my harem, consisting of two sisters, the mother of one of them and a girlfriend from France, another one appeared. And it certainly happened by sheer chance, and its ill-considered, spontaneous decision.

This happened after five days, after Katya thrashed the crowd in the courtyard of Yarik. Then they promised to return. And on this day, they kept their promise. We all agreed to meet near the wicket Yarik. About twelve people gathered, not counting me and the master of the house. Katya, just put Ruslana to bed. We decided to make a surprise, and quietly walk around the house, going out to the backyard. Near the very same shop, the guys lined up in one line, and took off his pants. Yarik followed Katya. Soon they appeared. Katya's eyes were closed at the request of Yarik. After his permission, she opened her eyes and was stunned, 12 guys stood in front of her, jerking off their bolts. Katya was wearing her blue jeans and a T-shirt. Without a word, she began to unbutton her jeans. But then one of the guys stopped her.

- Not. Guys, let's go, she will dance striptease to us! He suggested. The guys unanimously supported his idea. Yarik pulled the battery-operated tape recorder out onto the street, and I dropped it first on the computer, then on the disc, the song of Mylene Farmer. The guys crowded around the bench. Kate was a little nervous, but when the music began to play, she smoothly began to move her whole body, exactly falling into the rhythm of the music. So having moved a little, she took the edges of the T-shirt, and began to lift it up, exposing the navel, then the ribs and white bra. Taking off her T-shirt, she threw it back into a flower bed. Twisting a little more, she began to unbutton her jeans. Turning back to the guys, they began slowly and smoothly to pull them off, while not forgetting to turn the booty in white panties with red small hearts. When the jeans were left lying on the grass, Katya turned again to face the public, moving gracefully, causing a storm of emotions and hormonal explosions in the guys, to an instrumental solo in the song. Under the chorus, she again took to undress. The next was a bra. Rising to the guys sideways, she unbuttoned the lock, and with the movement of her shoulders she took off the straps. Then a sharp movement of the hands, the bra flew after the T-shirt. And finally, the last detail - panties, and just the last refrain, before the finale of the song. Katya turned her backside to the public for the last time, and slowly began, as if intoxicating and rousing, pulled off her panties, which she threw, straight at the guys, without turning around. So she didn’t turn anymore, because as Dan, he was the first to move forward, and while she stood, bending down, she took her from behind. Katia rolled her eyes, and her open mouth broke into a blissful smile. Dan, still not fully moving away from the striptease, apparently twisting the melody motif in his head, began to enter her pussy, so smoothly, but at the same time until the very end. Then the other guys pulled up. Allowing Kati to fall on the grass, the guys turned her back, and the first one for today was Daniech. Two kneeled so that Katya could jerk off to them at the same time. And for the bigger picture, one of the healthy people, sat on the grass so that her crown touched his eggs, and his member lay on her face. More precisely, he did not lie, the big guy slapped them on her face. I saw only her legs from the bench, and even they soon disappeared from view. Without stopping, the sounds of moans emanated from this crowd, both the guys and Katya, smacking, sighing, aha, and, if you come closer, then squelch. Suddenly, unfortunately, my phone rang. I went to the gate and answered the bell. Grandmother called:

- Where are you?

- At Yarik.

- Katya there?

- Yes. Ruslana trying to lay.

- Clear. And then Sasha arrived. Wants to see

- Okay. I will tell her how we can, so come. I answered and hung up. When I came back, the guys had already changed, now Kate was fucked by a healthy man, and Dan drove her wet dick over her face, then rubbing it about her hair, went to the other guys. Yarik and I sat and watched this porn from the shop for 30 minutes. In the pussy Katya has already visited 11 members. Why all of her already was like a peach, and a whole bottle of vodka would have quietly entered the hole. The guys started rebuilding.

Suddenly, the gate creaked and heard steps in our direction. I jerked sharply, and walked around the shop on the other side. Then Sasha appeared from behind the house! I managed to hide behind the bench in time. Sasha stopped dead, when she saw 12 guys frolic with her younger second cousin. She was dressed in an office business style: a white vest, a pencil skirt just above the knees in a white and black vertical stripes, dark stockings and low-heeled shoes. Sasha was at that time 32 years old. She was maybe a little thinner than Arina, but not by much. Breast clear 3 size, maybe a little more, especially not looking. Cellulite, but quite appetizing butt, which she always emphasized. Blonde with medium shoulder-length hair, green eyes. All painted. She was a mother of two daughters. Single. In other words - walk up.

So, while there was a dumb scene, I poked Yarik in the back of my head and whispered softly:

- Do not do anything and do not say. I'll give you a signal - he nodded.

Sasha, coming to himself, wanted to throw a tantrum, but Yarik stopped her, saying that Rusik was sleeping. Then Sasha threateningly, shaking her index finger, took the phone and went to the exit, threatening that she would call the police. As soon as she disappeared, I quickly jumped up and turned to the guys:

- Quickly, stop it, you understand what plan. Just do not wake Ruslana.

Six guys rushed for Sasha. There was a sound of trampling, and then everything was quiet. Among the attackers was Dan. Waiting for a clear silence, I headed in their direction.

- Where are you going? Yarik asked.

- Cover us, in which case. Do not call me, so as not to spoil the frame - I said, showing the phone. Yarik showed a thumb top. And I headed to the front of the plot. But they were not there. I went into the house. But here there was deathly silence, not counting that quiet moans began again from the windows overlooking the backyard. Understanding nothing, I went out of the gate. And he saw the guys taking Sasha in the direction of Kalinovsky passage. I slowly, so as not to impersonate went after him. They walked quietly, without making a sound. When they disappeared around the bend, I slightly quickened my pace. And apparently they, too, because there were too many windows of houses, and extra witnesses are not needed. I almost lost sight of them. Reaching the first intersection of roads, I looked around. No one was visible on the small circle. And then I noticed a traffic at the very end of the road, which went to the left. The road is not asphalted. Do not drive by car. The road led to the river, along which it was possible to go to the reservoir. Having gone half the way, I found a phone on the ground. It was Sasha's phone. A camera was burning on it. Without stopping, I went to the photo gallery, and the first one was direct evidence that they were here. Apparently Yarik warned them. The photo showed the collar of Sasha's vest, under which was a bra and partly chest, but the main thing is the road itself. I sped up. They had already descended the makeshift stairs down the slope to the river. Here they left another message, in the form of an arrow drawn to the right on the damp earth. Very soon I heard voices somewhere behind tall tree trunks. The campaign stopped, and I had to find shelter. It turned out to be a bulky oak tree that grew only two or three meters from the campaign. The position was the best. The guys, releasing Sasha, previously surrounded, asked about something. Sasha answered them. Then one of the guys pointed my hand and said something to her. I glanced from the trunk at her. Sasha was shocked. Then her head drooped. Down And she slowly began to unbutton the buttons on the vest. I turned on the camera. And put it out because of the trunk, so that the sun is not blinded. And the video is not spoiled. Dan was very polite with Sasha. He helped her to take the vest off her shoulders, unbuttoned her skirt from the side, pulled her down. Sasha remained standing in the same underwear and stockings on the bindings. Bind decided not to touch. The guys got tired of a long wait, and they took everything into their own hands. All 12 of their hands covered Sasha’s body. They pawed her, clutching at various places. While they were doing this, Sasha was embarrassed, stood a pillar, raising her arms to her chest. On her plump legs slid first to the knees, and then to the ground panties. A bra flew off to the side. The guys behind her began to take off his pants in a crowd. Sasha stood, covering her intimate places. Breast and truth was very bulk. The tummy is a little bulging, but this is nonsense.

Getting rid of his pants, Dan said excitedly:

- Come on knees bitch! Suck slut!

Sasha, obeying, sat down on her knees in the dirt, and looked plaintively at the guys who were shaking their bolts in front of her face.

- If you don’t want it in a good way, it means - Dan hissed viciously, and, grabbing her painfully by the hair, forcibly drove his dick into her mouth. Sasha put her hands on his hips, but the guys quickly wrung her hands. There was a wild moo. Finally, he pulled out a member, and Sasha began to cough up expectorated. Sticky drool flowed from her mouth. The face turned red.

- Catch your breath? Now come on yourself! - Dan ordered and the guys let go of her hands. Sasha raised her head, and, looking into his eyes, opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue. She licked his cock, then took it in her mouth and started nodding her head. The guys did not stand idle, one of them, the most lanky, came up to her from behind and kicked her on the pope. Sasha obediently spread her legs, and spread her buttocks with her hands. The guy grinned, and, standing behind her on his knees, taking aim, began to enter her. The moo intensified. The guys lined up for three people.

Having finished with Dan, Sasha already without any orders switched to the next. Her boobs I was hard to see. She covered them with her hand, holding the hips in front of the guys. Lanky giraffe, took out a member of her hole and finished right on the stockings. He was followed by the second guy. There was less mooing, but they were replaced by sighs. The guy no longer fucked her, as just lashed by the pope. He liked how she started to sway from clapping like brawn. When the line on her hole is over. As well as on her mouth, the queue changed places. So they fucked her for another 20 minutes. After that, Dan asked:

- In the ass given earlier?

- Do not be in the ass! - scared exclaimed Sasha.

“I didn't ask you if it was necessary or not,” Dan answered frowningly. The guys holding her hands and legs put cancer, and Dan, spitting on her anus, began to push inside the penis. Sasha closed her eyes in pain, and began to cry out. She blushed terribly. Tears flowed from his eyes. But Dan didn't pay attention. When the floor of his penis was already inside, he took up her hips and furiously drove the penis on the most tomatoes. Sasha screamed loudly. Further sounds were like cheekbones, which were interrupted by shouts. Her hung tits, from every jolt, jumped up and hit her body. A giraffe coming up to her in front said cheerfully:

- On suck calm down - I poked a member in her lips. She sobbing and blinking, took a bolt in her mouth. Dan was so furious that, in a fit of passion, he torn her stockings, and at the time of the peak of pleasure, he began to smash her thighs with his hands. So the guys again took turns one after another.
In the end, Dan pulled the phone out of his pants pocket, and also began to take off. Sasha was sitting on her knees all exhausted, red, humiliated, but there was a light in her eyes. The guys finished on her face. When it was over, Dan approached her with a camera and asked:

- Did you like it?

- Yes

- And if you gave us all at once, then who are you?

- Whore - a little later, Sasha answered.

- Well done. Now swear nobody knows anything

- I swear.

- Good girl! And if you talk a bit, then your whole family will see everything that was in the home cinema here - Dan said.

- How do they know? You what? I was filmed ?? - Sasha asked anxiously, looking at the guys. And now came my exit. I turned off the camera, and stood up, came out from behind an oak. Sasha's eyes were like two coins of five rubles each. I came close to her, putting the phone in my pocket.

“Gosh,” she said faintly.

- Welcome to my harem - I smiled, arms outstretched.

“I need to go home,” Sasha said quietly.

- No problem. But you will not go home like this, I said, pointing to her torn stockings and red, sperm-splashed face - We will take you to Yarik. There you take a shower.

When we returned, the remaining guys who didn’t follow Sasha with us were sitting on the terrace and drinking tea. Yarik and Kate were sitting on a bench in the backyard, playing with Ruslan.

- Yarik, do you have a shower? - I asked, looking up from the corner of the house, and pointing to the shower stall at the end of the plot.

- Yes. Why?

- Sasha need to wash.

- Good. Let him wash - Yarik ran into the house and brought his towel, shower gel and shampoo. When Sasha came into the booth, putting things close together on the grass, the guys looked at me. They had such a funny look, as if I was a judge, and they are awaiting my decision with complete intolerance.

- Well, what are you looking at me? Act! - smiled, I answered - Katya, go with Ruslan to the house.

Kate obediently took the child in her arms and left the backyard. Guys all as one quickly undressed, and went to the environment. Surrounding the booth at a distance of two meters, they began to jerk off, waiting for Sasha to appear. The water turned off. Sasha pushed the curtain aside and almost jumped, screeching. The guys did not say words to her, but stupidly pulled her under her arms from there, throwing her on the grass.

“Have fun!” I shouted to them, and went into the house. Yarik sat on the terrace. Katya and Ruslan were in the children's room. From the window came the boyish laughter, and Sasha's loud cries: “Don't! I do not want! Stop! Leave me alone! I ask you to! Everything hurts me! Ay! Aaaaa !! ”Soon the screams subsided, because, nevertheless, they silenced her with a cock. I went to Kate and put her hand on her shoulder. She lifted her head and looked at me.

- Come on, jump on me - I said good.

- And Ruslan?

- Tell Yarik, he will stay

I went with Katya to the parent room. Lying on the bed, after removing the pants, I watched Katya take off her clothes. Then she sat on the bed, between my legs, and bent over in three deaths, she began to work with her mouth. I have already described the blow job so many times that I’d do it again, I don’t have a desire. Everything was as usual: nice, warm, wet. Then Kate, legs apart, hands helped me to enter her vagina. I didn't have to do anything at all. I just lay and enjoyed. As soon as the member penetrated inside, Katya groaned languidly, biting her lip and covering her eyes. She began slowly at first, and a little later pick up the pace. Her first size was a little shaken. Dropping to the penis, each time, Katya made the same type of sounds, something resembling "Ah", only through her closed mouth. I gently stroked her back, bottom, legs, breasts. She clung to my chest with her nails. Then I took the initiative in my hands, and, grasping her hips, began to move my hips quickly. Now the sounds consisting of one letter “A” resembled a machine gun. I was not embarrassed that fucked her without a condom. All my friends are pure, like the sisters themselves. This has all been verified.

Suddenly Dan entered the room. He was completely naked and sweaty. When he saw us, he gave two joyful chuckles, and going to Kate from behind, he bent her down with one hand. I did not pull out a member of her pussy, making it clear that she is my female. But Dan, it provoked. He did not take a long time, drove his penis to the very eggs in her anus. Katya screamed, but immediately received two fingers from me in her mouth, which she began to suck. We fucked her together, tearing two holes at the same time. My nails gripped my skin even more. In my eyes, a fire burned. I was not enough of this. I wanted more and harder. Having shouted to Yarik, he asked him to call everyone here with Sasha. He ran into the street. And soon beside us on the floor she lay on her back, legs spread wide, Sasha was lying. Her boobs were shaking like jelly. Hands were busy fucking guys. Every trakhar, sperm down where he wanted. Before the change of posture, I demanded that Sasha turned back to me and bent down. She fulfilled the request. I was terribly excited by how white patsansky fluid flowed out of the anus and how much her hole was broken.

“I want to write,” Katya whispered softly.

- Boys prepare the phones! - I announced, while Katya got off me, wiping her crotch - Now Katyusha, on the street, will write to Sasha in her mouth!

The girls looked at me, but I cheerfully, with a shrug, pointed to the exit. The girls walked in front, the guys crowd behind them. Leaving on the grass, Sasha hesitantly sat on the ground, and Katya, coming close to her face, soon gave a stream of yellow liquid. She immediately splashed Sasha's face. She closed her eyes. As a result, Sasha herself clung to her pussy with her mouth, letting in her sister's urine. After completion, Sasha managed to lick her a little more.

- Everything! Disagree! - announced Yarik. The guys, quickly saying goodbye, went to the exit. Having waited, when they will leave, and while Sasha and Katya will take a shower. And since time was short, they took a shower together. Shaking hands with Yarik, I and my sisters went home. I walked down the street between them, holding hands on their priests. More precisely, one hand was on Kati's jeans, and with the other hand penetrated Sasha's skirt, and held her by her panties. Sisters were silent.

At home, we sat in the gazebos, when suddenly Kate was called. She left the table. After talking, she said that she needed to leave, and, taking her purse, went to the exit. I followed her. At the gate, Katya told me to warn everyone that she would come home late, as Yarik’s mother would be late until night. I nodded. Having kissed her on the lips, I returned to Sasha. Soon her daughter also returned from the walk: Lisa and Yana. I brought a monopoly on the street, and we sat down in a friendly campaign to play. At first our grandmothers were watching our game, trying to grasp the essence. But when I tried to explain, they realized that this game was not to their mind. Although I do not see anything difficult in it. After talking, the grandmothers went into the room to watch their series. Grandfather closed sheds followed them. We remained four together.

Sasha decided that her daughters would spend the night on the first floor. One on the terrace, the second in the room with the grandmothers. She herself will lay down on the second floor next to me in the next bed. When it began to get dark, the daughters grabbed Mom's tablet and went to watch cartoons in the house. We stayed together. Judging by Sasha’s appearance, she didn’t like it. She became more serious. Pretended not to notice my view. Katie's husband came up to us. I told him that I had asked to give Katya. He smiled, and said that he was going to go to work in one place, and when he arrived, he would bring sushi and whiskey.

Finally we were left alone. I sat so that I had a view of all the exits from the house and the window. Sasha was sitting right across from me. Making sure that no one was standing near the windows, I turned to Sasha, with an imperative tone in his voice:

- Come under the table

Sasha at first did not attach any importance to this. Then I repeated:

- Under the table, climb quickly

Sasha looked at me. My eyes sparkled with full seriousness and anticipation. She looked around, then, pushing the bench back, began to climb under the table. I lowered my pants, exposing my dick.

- suck bitch

Sasha grabbed a member and began to masturbate. Then she pressed her lips to it. And swallowed the head, and behind it the whole trunk. She began to slowly raise and lower her head. I put my hand on her head, gently stroking. Not forgetting to glance at the windows.

- Give the creature, deeper, deeper. Still! Yes slut! Come on - I said. Finally I finished. Sasha swallowed every single drop, and having wiped the member dry on her waistcoat, she crawled out from under the table.

- Everything. Go to the toilet, then upstairs and take off your clothes. So that when I came, you lay naked on my bed. Clear? I will give you a night of passion.

After a night of passion, she left with her daughters, but left me her phone number.