Upcoming summer weekends just pushed citizens from the stifling city to the bosom of nature. Someone tried to get into garden plots, someone with a cheerful company went to relax by the pond under the skewer.

Anton, 25 years after a week in the office of a trading company, has always sought at the weekend to get away from city life away. Take this opportunity and the gorgeous July sunshine, he went on his sport bike in a small village where he lived with his beloved grandmother, who adamantly refused to move to the city. In the village are always a lot of work: chop wood, mow hay, dried and put back, fence to fix, cattle feed... Anton work was accustomed from childhood, and that persistence, hard work, great did come in handy at the Institute and in sports (doing, our hero struggle and had a trim athletic figure).

At the Institute for girls offered him his friendship, not only... But it was all equally helpful, friendly, cheerful, gallant, in General, a good and reliable friend, but no more. He waited, his heart hammered at a frantic pace, when he sees the one. From city to the village grandmother was about three hours away by motorcycle and Anton flew forward, competing with the wind, substituting the person of its elastic impulses, squinting from the sun, as if trying to look into his blue eyes. About an hour away, he saw on the side of the road the voting girl. Anton slowed down and slowly began to close involuntarily more admiring the slender figure of a girl, cornflower blue sundress which a gust of wind and strove to rise, causing the girl was embarrassed and her cheeks blush played. Blonde hair was up in an intricate hairstyle and fell a silk waterfall to her bare shoulders. From the Luggage with her was only a medium size backpack. Anton stopped the motorcycle near a girl. "Hi! Where are you going? You need a ride? My name is Anton!" — he blurted out hurriedly, somehow nervously.

"Hi! My name is Rita. I need to go to the village Trifonova, near the village of Slemence" replied the girl, examining Anton from under lowered lashes and a little embarrassed. "Wow, we're on the way! I have in the village my grandmother lives, Thais Kuzminichna Zitova, do not know this?" — asked Anton. "Your grandmother I don't know, maybe only the face seen. I'm all in the village only the third time the food. Here attended the fourth course of the Polytechnic, and now I'm going to visit on vacation to his grandfather and grandmother. A month there will," replied Rita. "Will you come with me? Not afraid on a motorcycle?" — asked Anton. "Go, you just do not drive much, okay?" moreover, so in the village I would certainly not brought up," replied Rita. Anton took out of the bag attached to the motorcycle, helmet for Rita. "Put it on, so it will be better!" — has asked-ordered Anton. Rita wore a helmet and Anton smiled, well, does not fit the helmet to her cornflower blue sundress with flowers. "Come on, we're not on a fashion show going!" he thought and said was his cute passenger of "lean in closer and hold on tight! Don't worry, will get there without incident!".

Rita around the waist of Anton with his hands and clung to his back. As soon as the motorcycle moved, she from fear and new sensations were literally pushed into the back of the young man, involuntarily feeling his supple muscles of a trained body. Gradually getting accustomed, Rita relaxed a bit and began to get on the ride of pleasure. Courtesy of the Anton jacket and the warmth of his body, which she embraced, didn't give the wind to cool it. Only sometimes the wind still lifted the hem of her dress, allowing a glimpse to admire the passing motorists her tanned legs. But Rita was not worried about this, as the helmet hid her face. "Well, let saliva throw at!" she thought, sometimes deliberately allowing to be lifted up the shirt and to demonstrate to drivers not only legs, but pale blue Thong separating her ass into two equal halves. Rita watched the stunned faces of the drivers and smiled at his thoughts, even closer vimas Anton.

She liked to hide from the wind behind his broad shoulders, liked the feeling of abs on his stomach, she was relaxed and comfortable, despite the fact that she knew his companion only a few tens of minutes. Anton gladly went forward, feeling the young body of Rita, her firm Breasts viimeisena in his back, and wished that this road lasted and lasted. Before his eyes stood Rita with her mischievous blue eyes, dimples on pink from embarrassment, her cheeks, and she's like okay, well, slim. His heart was beating real fast from the presence of girls and he knew that he'd look her in the village and take a closer look. The unwitting antics of Rita and the proximity of the young male body, which she rested on his chest, began to turn her on. Very slowly her hands began to slide down the belly of Anton, feeling the abs until it settled on his cause. Anton held his breath, not daring to frighten the bold pretensions, but he reduced speed.

Rita's hands had unzipped his jeans and men got inside to the cherished rod, which began to gain strength, compressible caressing his arm. With one hand, Rita squeezed and pushed the erect cock of Anton, and the second played with his testicles, stroking and rolling them in his hand. Anton couldn't believe what is happening, the adrenaline level was off the charts in the blood, it was difficult for him to concentrate on driving as soon as fondling women became more bold, assertive, daring. It felt like the gentle hands of his fellow traveler very deftly glide over his swollen member, then exposing the crimson head, carefully hiding her skin of the foreskin. Rita's fingers slid through the veins of rearing the pole, fingering the curls of the hairs of its lush vegetation. Suddenly, one hand Rita disappeared with his cock, but the latter only tightened his hold of the improvised lever and the speed of its movement up and down increased. Anton felt some movement around my waist, Rita pulled back a little bit, clinging only Breasts and making rhythmic movements of the body.

Ruta slightly lifted her dress, pushed in the side of his symbolic blue panties and starts to egoity fingers on the clitoris pea. Her labia were already engorged, slightly parted to the side, allowing her fingers to walk in that sweet spot. This has none of the racing on the motorcycle of young people does not happen, and this audacity, and originality led them in earnest. Anton, with difficulty controlling himself, knowing what it does behind his companion, saw a side road and decided to turn her away from the road in a small birch grove. With the engine off, the young men got off the motorcycle. Anton with his fly undone, and trembling with excitement member and Rita in a slightly rumpled sundress. Hats flew to the ground. Their lips met in a hot kiss and began the dance of the reeds, fast, passionate, exciting. Rita pressed her trembling with excitement her slender body to Anton, whose hands had greedily slid over her bare shoulders, down her back to her firm buttocks. The straps of the sundress slid from the shoulders of the student and the upper part slid down, pausing at the waist.

Admiring the look of a man appeared in tender bloodshot Breasts with small papillae tense, as if beckoning to him. Anton began to sprinkle hot kisses the face, neck Rita, sinking lower to his chest, while one of the nipples was not in his mouth. A moan of pleasure escaped from the lips of the young woman when the tongue of Anton circled around the nipple, while his hands ran under the hem of the sundress, and, rising up on his feet with the force squeezed halves of her ass. Anton's hands wandered down, spreading the buns to the side, he heard a slight sniffle pussy already filled with love juice. His fingers pushed her panties aside and go deep, have circled ring anus and lower to the cave of pleasure.

Rita spread a little wider on the legs, giving the hand freedom of action. Anton clung to the other girl's chest, capturing a nipple with his lips and pulling it. Rita was trembling when fingers men touched her sensitive spot, smearing the grease.
Rita's hand limply slid off the shoulder of Anton and stopped at his swollen cudgel, the head of which was already shiny from speaking of grease. Like a drowning man, a student got ahold of this wonder of nature and began to move the arm, trying to get into the rhythm of the hands of Anton., which hosted it at the bottom. His two fingers penetrated the cave and made a motion. Rita began to Crouch, trying to feel more. Captured the pleasure of taking her hands, she left a member of Anton and just "flew" from stimulation of their major erogenous zones. "Antoschka, take me! I can't take it anymore! I really want to feel you!" pleaded Rita. She turned back to him, removing her panties and bent over, clasping his birch, putting him on display their hemisphere priests, which already doesn't cover cocked on the back hem of the sundress. Anton slowly introduced into the heated womb of his fellow traveler hard dick, feeling as he enters, moving apart elastic walls of the vagina have not yet parous women. "M-m-m!" — moan of pleasure escaped Rita, when she felt the fullness inside, her hips moved to meet the man, as if wanting to absorb his cock even more.

With his hands on hips, Anton wider spread buttocks Rita, to see her brown ring of the anus and sliding inside her womb her swollen cock, like a piston going in and out from the womb of the girl. He savored every movement of the cock inside, pausing, then starting a movement, starting wildly to batter pussy mistress feet Rita just gave way from the throat flew inarticulate moans, entering and leaving "steps" gradually. Think for his first time, he decided to try out all the knowledge about the technique of sex, obtained online. Rita has already lost track of time, she wanted this fierce member of the infinitely long filled her inside. She wanted to feel a strong men hands on my waist, thighs, these hands were holding her Breasts. She felt radiating animal female, ready to accept and surrender... Anton put his hands on Rita's Breasts and began to squeeze them, seeing that Rita no longer care what happens to her. His hip movements became powerful, deep, sweeping his every push inside, causing a groan from the breast of the woman.

Rita felt a wave of orgasm cover her head and moaned "Cum in me, I'm on the pill! Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah!" — movement of Anton accelerated and orgasm covered her. Her vagina beginning to contract convulsively grasping the cock of a man and, as if catching these a thin line between reality and "space", which went Rita, Anton began to cum, spilling clots of semen into the hot "furnace" of the student. With emotion, he could hardly keep on the legs give way, with the triumph of knowing that he is already not a virgin and what he turns out to be deprived for so many years. Anton kept limp limp body of Rita at the hands on his cock and continued to sleep in the hot and wet vagina girls. The man sprinkled a grateful, gentle kisses on the shoulders and back Rita, carefully supporting her until she slowly came to himself. "Did you like it?" — asked Anton.

"Thank you, you umnichka! Now, I won't let go!" replied Rita, and deftly slid off reducing the "hook" gave Anton a long and gentle grateful kiss and then embarrassed and hid on his chest. "You probably think I'm depraved and wrong?" she asked quietly. "No, not at all. Ritochka, you're the best!" — gently embraced her Anton, feeling the happiest person. To judge whether it is? Probably, most men have experienced something similar after the first time tasted the "forbidden fruit" by opening up a new world of pleasure.

Anton helped Rita to freshen up and they continued on their way to the village, but now connected by an invisible thread of love ties. We arrived in the evening, when it began to get dark. Anton drove the girl to her relatives ' home and received a goodbye kiss and a promise to see me tomorrow on the river to sunbathe and swim.

Inspired, he came to his grandmother and half the night she lay awake, remembering their first sex and hastening the approach of a new day.

Getting up in the morning early, tasted pies napisannyh grandmother, he probably went to redo all the works before the scheduled time. Grandma Thais just didn't know the grandson, he seemed "light" from within, mysteriously smiled and purred, but the nose of the songs, doing the work. "Not only as in love with the guy. Yes, and it's time for a long time, and then won a prominent, and all without the girl," thought grandmother, admiring the athletic figure of his grandson, who is only in shorts with youthful hoot split carocci wood. Closer to the afternoon Anton went to the river to meet with Rita, taking a towel, Yes a blanket to sunbathe. In General, Anton had always watched over her figure, favorably differing to its sportiness and nakatannomu from peers who have swapped sport for computer, TV and beer. Arriving in the village, Anton was sunbathing in a secluded place absolutely naked and even bronze tan by mid-summer covered his body. Rita came a little earlier and apparently, she also was looking forward to meeting with Anton. The girl immediately rushed into his arms, hugging his torso with the legs, hung, glaring with a kiss on the lips and enjoying the strength and tenderness of her boyfriend. Natelashvili, they broke apart and Rita threw a light robe, remaining in the symbolic red bikini that emphasized all the charms of her young body.

"Come, I'll show you a new place where we're safe," said Anton and pulled her by the hand, heading to "their place". "Well, here we are. Like that?" — Anton asked, when they were in a small clearing on the river Bank, surrounded by dense thickets of bushes. "Wonderful!" — are unable to contain the rapture of RIT and began to spread the blanket, trying to settle down, but she did it with his back turned to Anton, who just couldn't tear his eyes away from the taut buttocks Rita, separated by a thin line of swim trunks. His nature was to immediately protest against the strain of tight clothes which he hurry to get rid of. A grateful member immediately swayed, as if rejoicing in the freedom and turning a welcoming Rita, which froze in awe, admiring the shape of his Apollo, and especially his impressive club, framed by thick hairs.

"Wow, yours is fucking big! And how much I got?" — asked Rita, Well, I see there is a club of nudists is open!" Graceful movements she removed the bra, showing off her full Breasts with nipples already protruding. Then, dancing, she turned to Anton back bending and slowly began to pull off her panties, showing the man their holes in the hollow between apart rolls. Anton greedy eyes absorbed this erotic show, noting the clean-shaven pussy of his girlfriend with only a narrow strip of hair above the lips of the vulva. "You like me?" — excitedly asked Rita, effectively arching and mischievously glancing at the man. "Of course! I have never seen" excitedly replied Anton, does not palter. "Catch me!" — mischievously called, and Rita ran to the river and raising a bunch of spray, splashed in the water. Determined not to lose their "forest nymph", Anton followed. They swam, splashed, laughed, in short, behaved as a perfectly happy and loving people, sometimes casually touching each other, inflame. At one point they started to play the game "Sea hunter", when Rita was gone, and Anton his "spear" had to "stab" the victim.

Catching up with Rita in the shallows, Anton caught her in his arms, and she fell on his flushed cock a few times her pussy or Rita began to relish the nasasyvayut his "spear", as if practicing "fine", and then again start to run, "allowing" herself to be captured again and again (well, where did the guy know she was pervorazryadnitsa swimming?). Caught once again Rita and, having spread it on your peg, Anton began to kiss her passionately, holding the weight of her slender body on his hands. To spread out blankets white about twenty feet and his every move, involuntarily forced Rita's body move on his dick, rising, again slipping down the shaft. Anton carefully laid Rita on the blanket and his lips began to collect droplets of a river water body desirable, hot kisses, stopping on the flat tummy, the chest. Touch to the papilla to its owner, caused in a woman's body waves of desire that began to spread throughout the body, inadvertently causing it to bend towards the caressing lips and hands. She felt like kissing Anton down lower, getting closer to the juicy lower lips, already glistening with the selected lubricant. His kisses were gentle, enveloping, slow and it is even more wound up Rita. She wanted to completely open myself.
Her hips lifted to meet the caressing tongue that was circling inside her open shell with a pearl in the middle. Language Anton wrote on her Clit and around phrases from the letters of the alphabet: "I love you. You are the best in the world! I really want you! Ready to lick your pussy every day!" His hands stroked her slender legs Rita slid up your sides and stomach, to her firm breast, and, seizing nipples, began twisting and pull them apart. Rita did not hesitate to moan, completely surrendering to men's affection and hoping that the pleasure would never end. "Faster, right there, Yes! Yes, Yes, darling!" — Rita moaned, feeling the approach rolling wave of orgasm. Anton simply grabbed her Breasts and began massaging, simultaneously tongue fluttering like a butterfly on a flower, over the clitoris Rita. A wave of heat rolled from pussy women in all corners of her body, which arched towards the mouth of Anton and Rita's hand slammed the man's head to his crotch. Another moment of tension and her body relaxed limply knelt on the blanket, catching the echoes impinging on each of the waves of orgasm.

Anton lay down beside it, admiring the miracle that he just created. "How good it is!" he thought affectionately embraced Rita and kissing her on the cheek, hearing will gradually improve the girl's breathing. "Antoshka, my dear, how nice!" — murmured the girl, turning and starting to shower kisses on the man's face, sinking lower to solid, like a steel chest. Her hands stroked his strong body, enjoying the power over this man. Rita stuck out her tongue and runs down to the stomach, leaving the body on the damp track from the reed. Her right hand reached up in the sky "spears" and, gripping his, beginning a slow up and down motion. Lips Rita was abseloutely cubes press on the abdomen of her lover, gradually approaching a thick Bush of hair from where proudly stood up the barrel of Anton... that her lips met at the head of the hot member, and the tongue started circling on its edge, lingering on the bridle to the rapid dance tango. Rita's head was moving rhythmically with her hand hugging the barrel, the other to her arm, she stroked her belly and his hot bosom. The young woman again wanted to feel the tongue of Anton in the cave and she moved into the position of "69" with my pussy on the man's face. Rita took the cock out of her mouth at the same time sticking out his ass, allowing Anton to arrange for licking both of your holes.

She could feel his hot, rapid language, circling around her "buttons", sometimes falls into the vagina, then Rita went wild with pleasure, trying to cuddle up even more and leaving a protruding member without affection. Anton planted his hands halves priests of Rita, making the skin tension between them is maximum, making the caress of his tongue, circling around the ring of anus women perceived her particularly acute. "I want to feel your tongue in the ass! Touch me there!" — Rita asked, and immediately felt a wet tongue men gently penetrates inside, causing pleasure. Rita was completely given to this new caress, trying to get maximum pleasure. Feeling a new wave of desire and need to be filled, Rita slowly sank her slick pussy on a member of Anton, looking him straight in the eye. Position Cowgirl always liked Rita, allowed them to control the tempo and depth of penetration. Anton turned his gaze downwards of the stomach and the enchanted stopped and absorbed the newly freed pink vagina member. His hands stroked the legs of Rita, trying to speed up her movements, Rita raised and lowered his hips, as if garcua to mimic the stallion, increasingly incensed and doing range of motion all the sweeping, trying to fully absorb this wonderful weapon of love.

Bottom-Anton filed your hips to meet the movements of Rita, feeling that this sweet torture could not last indefinitely. "Ritochka. I have soon! Fuck me! Else. "he moaned. His strong hands squeezing the buttocks of a student, tossing her up and lowered on the ready to explode dick. From such rude affection like she used to meet, feeling Rita intensified voluptuous moans began to fall from her mouth on higher notes, climbing higher. Anton began to throw out his sperm inside with an animal roar, having spread Rita and not allowing her to move. The feeling that she brought the man to orgasm and the whole originality of the situation lead to another woman's orgasm that swept young body. Relaxed, without removing a member from a vagina, Rita fell to Anton, feeling his hands stroking her back, buttocks, legs, giving a grateful and tender affection. "What is he considerate and gentle" thought Rita, love to swim out of the fog into reality.

Rita's lips met the lips of Anton and merged in a long, poignant, tender, passionate kiss that only such could be immediately after copulation. They some time lay on a blanket, substituting voi hot sun and light warm breeze, whose light touch carried a welcome coolness. Then they washed, washing away the traces of love and banishing love bliss, a little tired. Holding hands, they went towards the village, agreeing that the closer to the evening, Anton will go for Rita and help her collect the dried hay in the Rick.

Anton was inspired by love, passion, opening up a new world of sexual pleasures and now the whole of his young unspent potential of the demanded output. He decided that Rita and he will spend as much time as possible in the village, and then in the city. Helping grandma, his thoughts flew to the one that is, as he seemed to have been loved and passionately wanted with all my body and soul.

Evening was approaching and time for another meeting of young people. Anton came to the site of Rita a little earlier, but still found his friend already gathering hay with her grandmother, Natalia Serafimovna, which met yesterday, bringing Rita. Anton at first stood aloof.

Admiring their beloved, dressed in a light colorful gown, just above the knee, which was wrapped in a slender girlish body. Why he remembered the farm from old Soviet films that are as well enthusiastic "fighting for the harvest", though they were dressed in shapeless robes almost completely fend of thought about sexuality. Rita tried vengeance, but as a true citizen were not so dexterous as her grandmother and joined the women Anton, who from childhood all the village work he loved and could do with a soul. On the adjacent field frolicking farm horses and mares, their cheerful whinny encouraging employees. With a little work, grandma Rita went to the house, citing exhaustion and to trust Anton, as an experienced worker, to sweep away the haystack. Rita liked that her boyfriend appreciate her family and trust such a serious matter. She briefly admired his slender body, muscles that are elastic node swelling under the t-shirt. Was it something simple, open, as his white-toothed smile that appeared on his face when they met eyes.
She felt that she's attracted to Anton, from memories of their love, the womb girls start to hydrate, and nipples on breast hardened even more exciting Rita its friction on the fabric of the robe. The woman decided, and he ran over the edge of the stack is removed a narrow panties, shoving them in his pocket. "Anton, come on now I'm on top of the stack will rise. The village has got tricks to learn!" — fun Rita said, mischievously glancing at the guy. Anton slid down and began to help climb the stack to Rita, of course the rear being a bit lower. What was his surprise when under the robe he saw her panties, but only half snow-white ass and pink slit on the bottom with a thin strip of hairs on the pubis. He felt like embracing the look of a man between her legs, Rita slowly continued up arching even more, consider giving him the whole climbing on the stack, Rita, as if nothing had happened, smiled to the confused Anton, jeans which treacherously bristled. "Come on, I'm ready!" said, noted the ambiguity of the phrase.

Anton began to throw a pitchfork load of hay, trying to sneak a glance under the robe Rita, which is especially bent down lower, and even the bottom button unbuttoned for ease of operation. On the next pitch, the young stallion nickered, what attracted the attention of young people. Rita all eyes stared at the excited stick horse, which is springing on the Mare, I tried to attach the instrument. Finally he succeeded and he began a rapid movement, obeying the call of nature. Hot, peeping views of Anton, her audacity with panties and seen the show intercourse animals brought Rita and finally moved down from the top of the stack, she found herself in the caring hands of Anton pulled up to the waist with a robe. His hands were just on elastic halves of Rita's ass, squeezing them passionately. Rita shakily clung to the man, her hands trembling from excitement and desire, undid the belt and zipper on my jeans, freeing tired of waiting affection cock Anton.

Like a drowning man holding a life-saving stick, Rita clutched cock, stroking, pulling the skin from the head until the lip of Anton kissed her face, neck, shoulders, and hands shamelessly and persistently caressed the ass, legs and cleavage between them. Triumphantly ending with a neighing stallion, as if passing the baton of love to the people. "Antoschka, well, don't torture me! Take me from behind like a stallion!" — Rita moaned, slipping from the embrace, and standing on all fours. Splayed buttocks girls beckoned Anton ready for intercourse. His cock twined with veins, with Burgundy, trembling head, rushed into the sweet pussy of the woman with the lips which snapped a moan of satisfaction from received. Anton's hands went to Rita's hips, pulling her slender body, trying to penetrate deeper. "Yes, lover, take me hard! Ah! Ah! Yes, that's it!" — groaned and gripped her lust Rita, presenting yourself in the place of a young filly, which is rammed by a young stud. Movement Anton became more and more intense. Rita quietly howled with pleasure, taking powerful aftershocks from which her firm Breasts swayed to the beat. His right hand Anton began to caress the clitoris, intensifying the sensations of voluptuous girls, progibatsya towards taking her phallus.

Anton's breathing became ragged and the aftershocks within the womb of Rita even more rapid, approaching his orgasm. The hand sped up their dance on the clitoris girl. Rita is particularly strong leaned back letting members and suddenly shook in orgasm, feeling inside, periodically flaring hot head shoots a portion of sperm. Anton pulled his excited members, and the last drop of semen just fell on the ring of the anus of Rita, which was pulsing, squeezing, then relaxing under the last waves of orgasm, piercing the body of his mistress. Rita threw his hand and smeared the cum between buns, and then licked his fingers. "M-m-m" what a sweetie! With raspberry flavor!" — blissfully blinking from the pleasure Rita purred. "You're a real male! So, what I wanted!" she said, gently hugging Anton and feeling like her legs dripping sperm. Citing the order, milisav each other like cats, the boys collected a stack and went to the house for dinner. After they went for a walk around the village, kissing at the first opportunity, but out of sight of people, so as not to confuse the villagers by his behavior. Ahead was the last day — Sunday, when Anton had to go home.

Traditionally Anton Sunday drowned her bath and for the week ahead was charged energy of the Russian miracle. Rita gladly accepted the offer Anton on a joint visit to the baths and take time off with relatives to walk with Anton, gardens, unseen by prying eyes, slipped into the bath for a meeting with the beloved. Anton met her with a towel wrapped around the hips, showing off his powerful rope of a fighter. Seeing this beauty, Rita thought that this man is the perfect mix of beauty, strength, affection, attention, respect for women and how lucky she is with her Baby. Easy sundress Rita slowly began to shoot through the head, allowing Anton to enjoy gradually glabrescent, slender, not yet tanned legs. That seemed cherished a crack (the girl in the summer decided to break from underwear, to be closer to nature and enjoy the sun without all), then a flat tummy and finally. Bloodshot Breasts with small Horny nipples. The hair is from her hair, freed from the pins, scattered silk waterfall, covering the girl.

Towel on his loins Anton swollen and his admiration of what he saw was clearly visible Rita has achieved the desired effect. Graceful gait of a Panther she approached the man slowly, kissing him on the lips, freed from Anton towels. Released his excited member rested in the belly of Rita, leaving it wet spot of grease. "Don't move!" — warned Anton Rita. Her hands were stroking his back, small claws slightly left traces on the back of the men, causing a scattering of needles on the body. Rita knelt down and moved his hands up nomam, gradually shifting to the buttocks of a man in that time, as her lips left gentle kisses at the front, gradually getting closer to the excited member. His hot mouth she caught the coveted barrel of Anton and absorbed it, at the same time squeeze your buttocks men and literally filed it in my mouth. She wanted to push it into his mouth, skewering its head on its peg. With his left hand she caressed the testicles Anton, get into a tight leather ball. Head Rita went for a "screw-like" motion when pushed, thereby bringing extra bliss to Anton.

His hands on the head of Rita, drowning in her brown hair, but she immediately got up and kissed him on the lips. "Everything will be cute, but first a swim and take a steam!" she said mischievously with a wink. In anticipation of a possible non-standard developments, Anton decided to heat the bath. Rita sat on the shelf so that one of her legs was raised up on the shelves, and the second was left on the bench. Widely spreading their slender legs, Rita became his right hand stroking her pussy and her left hand alternately stroking his chest, grabbing and twisting with ottyaga papillae. The girl's eyes were covered from pleasure, delivered himself. It seemed that she was here alone and only her deep breathing and slight Pat cave, when she penetrated her finger, breaking the romantic silence. Anton all eyes looked at the girl caressing herself, stroking his boyfriend, afraid to miss a moment of the show. Rita hand stroking pubis, crushes sexual sponges, sometimes she would put in two fingers and started moving them inside the womb. Rita was breathing heavily, highly heaving chest, which is already quite strongly squeezed and twisted the girl's hand. Her right hand became faster rubbing my pubic hair, concentrating on the clitoris.
Hand on a member of Anton began to make movements with the same amplitude as that of girls. He's already wanking himself undeterred. "To think that the day before yesterday I was a virgin and this girl I had so much to experience! How many more surprises will be!" — enthusiastically thought Anton, seeing that orgasm Rita's is around the corner and speeding up his hand movements on his penis. Rita he was breathing and suddenly with a groan almost toppled down, shaking the orgasmic convulsions. Anton picked up his beloved in his arms and carried her to the dressing room on a broad bench, covered with sheets, to recover. Rita opened her eyes and "languidly" looking at the guy said, "You know, I'm still no-one showed! I want to belong to you all... Want you to know it! Today you're leaving and I want my holes all week, remember you said you'd return!". Anton took Rita by the hand and started in the steam room. Pouring on the palm of the gel, he began to lather his body with his precious women, gliding from top to bottom, lingering on particularly appetizing.

"Antoshenka, wash, please, I scrub my kisochka!" asked Rita, with his legs apart and slightly bent, allowing the hand of your beloved to go through all your folds. Her sexual sponges, has not yet departed from the recent orgasm, was inflated and a light touch to him again kindled the fire of desire in the woman's body. She leaned forward a bit and parted buttocks, letting the fingers of Anton circled around the sprocket of the anus, even slightly penetrating inside. Rita enjoyed the care and affection of men for whom pleasure was in the first place. "Now I bathe you!" — Rita said, and began to drive his hands on the muscular body of Anton, or mine, or caressing. Carefully, she washed his boy, pulling the skin from the head, from which she pouted even more and became similar to the crimson knob with a hole in the middle. After washing, posautive each other and Apollonovich guys went to the dressing room.

Rita put Anton on the bench, and she sat facing him on his knees with a divorced feet. They began to kiss passionately as after a long separation. Anton's hand patted Rita on the back, falling below the marble hemispheres priests and, finally, his right hand slid lower and began to stroke the coveted onlineplease cave, sometimes gliding to ringlet anus. Greedy lips Anton sprinkled the neck and breast of a woman and grabbing one of the already hardened nipple and began to suck it. Hot dick, Anton rested on the lower abdomen Rita and she one of his hands was playing with it, enjoying the elasticity of the sticks. A little later, Rita rose and fell on the jade rod of her lover, who slid in her hot pussy, covered with love juice.

Rita started to get up and down, feeling the strong hands of Anton to help her, raising himself so that the inside remained only the head and dropping down, forcing nanosats on the peg. Anton's mouth caught one nipple, then the other breast Rita, giving extra affection. Rita clenched muscles of the vagina to provide additional compression member. She wanted to be the leader of the process and at the same time to surrender to this young strong man taking her passionately and gently. Swim out from unearthly pleasure, raising and lowering as if on a swing Rita, I remembered about another of his hole, still not taking Anton. She stood up with his cock, took from the shelf the bottle with shower gel. Pouring a little on a member of the men, she smeared gel all over the length, then filling his hand, smeared the gel on the anus, letting the wet fingers inside. "I want to try in the ass!" — asked Rita, turning his back to sitting Anton, he carefully began to descend on his cock.

A little while, getting used to the sensations, she started her slow motion slowly. It was mixed feeling of pain and insane excitement and to tip the scales in favor of fun, Rita began to stimulate her clitoris with your hand, gently stroking its surroundings. Anton covered the rear of Rita's breast and began to squeeze them, playing with nipples, not trying to do the movements, allowing the woman to pick the right pace and depth. Slightly leaning back, he could see how taut a anus women incorporates his sausage and again it appears back. Rita's excitement grew more and more as it is addictive and relaxing, her movements became a little faster, the depth of the fixing rose, she wanted to know how much she can take. Then it was down so that the outside was only the testicles Anton. Rita leaned back, feeling like a member of rubs her the back of the vagina. She launched into two of his fingers, feeling for the thin septum rubs cock Anton. That double penetration she had seen only in porn movies but that she was honored to try.

The depravity of his actions brought her even more excited and she began to move even more, drifting on the verge of pain, turning into pleasure. "Ritochka, darling, I can't, I'm gonna come soon!" pleaded Anton. "Yes, fill my ass!" — Rita moaned in response, feeling her man fills her up with cum, and throbbing head pushing the walls of the colon. This happened for the first time and the awareness of deprivation of virginity ass pushed her to orgasm that caused this? The hand on the clitoris or penis in the butt, Yes a dirty mind — not an essence important, the main result! After resting from love, young again washed, Anton walked Rita home, having time to dry off during the walk and went to dinner at grandma's, right on the road to gather. Rita went to see her motorcycle to the outskirts of the village, taking a promise that she would call on a mobile phone every day and will definitely come next weekend.

"And it's you!" — Rita said, throwing open the robe, worn next to the body, Anton showed her Breasts, which lifted hands and languidly licked his lips. She then turned around and bent forward, lifted the robe. Dumbfounded Anton as much as half a minutes beheld the two lovely open holes in the top of which, he thought, still gleamed a drop of sperm left after bathing pleasures. "Ritka, well, you're crazy! I love you!" — said Anton and roaring engine of the motorcycle, went to a meeting of a working week, knowing that he will definitely come to repeat this lovely weekend in the village. July only came into its own and the summer lasted... happy summer in the village!