Was a normal Friday evening. I came to visit parents for the weekend. Like my ex Anna, they live in the same city . After the evening get-togethers with relatives I was bored and I decided to call her, but was sure that she won't pick up because her husband, a child , she is 27 , in General, a complete family.

As expected, she did not answer me . After a couple of hours, closer to 23:00, came SMS: "You called?". I said, "Yes, I'm in town, if possible, wanted to see.". After another hour she called, and I heard quite drunk, a painfully familiar voice.

— Come to us, we are celebrating the Birthday of my friend, at the apartment of my grandmother, she left. said Anya. Without thinking, picking up a couple of bottles of wine from home, I went to see him. A knock at the door, and I meet Anya and her friends Kate and Olga . Anya's stunning blue eyes, which you can watch forever. She looked gorgeous; sparkly bodycon dress emphasized her athletic figure.

Her ass is insanely elastic, breast size and plump lips. The woman that it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight.

I came into the apartment, immediately sat down at the table , and Anya with her friends in half an hour was going to the club.

— You coming with us ? — asked Anne. Actually, I wasn't going to, but since you're asking, then Yes. I replied. Anya smiled and stroked my thigh towards my groin. After a couple of glasses of wine I decided to smoke and asked who would go with me. Anya decided to go with me, which I was very surprised, because she no longer smokes. We stood in the hallway, talking.

Anya had already finished Smoking and stood staring into my eyes, smiling . I took her by the hand, she pulled me to her and we kissed. We kissed long, passionately, I could feel in my pants became hot , she pressed me even more to him, and my swollen cock was already rubbing against her panties. I slapped her on the ass and we went to the apartment.

Sat down, chatted, I always joked,drank another drink, and then, suddenly, I drop a fork on the floor. When I crawled under the table, especially Anna opened her slender legs and I opened madly stimulating. She was wearing lace white panties and she lightly stroked his leg . I got up, put the fork on the table.

Suddenly, Anya says to me, "Come help in the kitchen, you need to pour the tea and cut the cake." I, of course, agreed. I was serious, I really want it. When we went into the kitchen, I turned her to face him, and began to kiss her neck , my hand touched her waist and stroked her firm big ass, and the other hand was on her face. She took my finger in her mouth and sweetly sucked him, slowly moaning.

My hand slid into her panties, my God, they are all raw! I stuck two of her fingers in pussy and slowly moved back and forth. Abruptly took her by the waist and threw him on the kitchen table. I started kissing her leg and gently clung to her hot pussy, kissed a few times through the panties, and then pushed them back and gently licked from the priests to the Clit. She moaned, holding me by the hair and told me not to stop.

I fingered the clitoris with the tongue, licking vagina, sucking all of her juices. Anya was beginning to get dark in the eyes, then I suddenly entered the language in the pussy and did the progressive movement forward and backward the whole length of the tongue. With one hand I fingered the clitoris , and the second I started to massage her anus. From this cunnilingus she abruptly huddled in sweet convulsions, and finished. Then kissed me and said, "my husband never did!".

We went back to the girls, time passed, and everything turned to walk to the club. Anya asked me to help clean for the guests, and the girls had already left, we had to arrive late. I conducted her guests, then went into the kitchen. Anya was standing, washing the dishes. I lifted her very short dress and stuck a finger in her pussy and gently kissed on the neck.

She threw plates and sharply knelt before my cock . I was exhausted from desire . Anya said, " I'm not going to change her husband, so only a Blowjob, dear." I nodded and stroked her hair. She looked me in the eyes, smiling and at the same time and unbuttoned his fly. She pulled my swollen member and gently ran his tongue in all corners, the trunk and immediately began to gently lick the tongue, at the same time pulling the testicles hand and touched and squeezed my buttocks.

After a few minutes of such caresses I took her by the hair and started fucking in my mouth. I realized that soon I finish and decided to go in tight pussy Anya. I turned her cancer, but Anna pulled me and said, "Let's just pussy, pussy husband Fucks me...". I was happy with the developments. Put her cancer has widely spread legs and began to lick the pussy, feeling the familiar scent.

Smoothly from pussy I switched to her anus and with abundant saliva began to lick around it, after penetrating tongue. Anya moaned languidly. Her hand dropped to the pussy, and she began to pull at the clitoris. I stood up, kissed her on the neck and first developed a finger her ass. She screamed from the pain, a moment later, she already liked.

I put on a condom and gently entered her ass. She moaned, but I felt that it was moans of pleasure. I fucked her in this position and my tempo increased the moaning became louder. I strongly squeezed her nipples she was biting my fingers. I abruptly pulled out a member, Anya dropped to his knees and roughly finished on her face. She still sat and licked the sperm from their lips.

I showered, when I came out, Anna was already asleep, I got dressed and left . Very sorry, that I haven't tried the cake. After the incident that night more we haven't seen.