New Porn video Puma Swede

Puma Swede
  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Stockholm
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 178
  • Weight: 56
Born and raised in Sweden, but I’m of Finnish ancestry. I’m an American citizen now and currently live in Puerto Rico. I’d rather say yes than no to new experiences, and you’ll find me traveling a lot. I love to create art, and will be sharing it here. Coffee is a necessity in life, but no instant-shit! Quality beans please. I Crossfit for exercise and try to eat paleo, which goes so-so. I take pics and video of pretty much anything, read a lot, party hardy when given the chance and my favorite car is a Ford Bronco or a Porsche GT3. I got my name from a Ford Puma though… My autobiography – My Life As a Pornstar was released 2012 in Sweden and then translated to English in 2014 both as a book and on Kindle. Available on
Puma Swede twitter: pumaswede
Puma Swede instagram: itsmepumaswede
Puma Swede Wikipedia: Puma_Swede